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What Shows Up in a Background Check?

What shows up on a background check will depend on the type of background check done. Personal Background Checks Should Include the following.

  • Full Name and Aliases
  • Criminal Records
  • Court Records
  • Professional Licenses
  • Deep Web Information
  • Real Estate Records
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Bankruptcies
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Phone Numbers
  • Addresses Current and Old
  • Financial Assets
  • Liens
  • Permits
  • Sex Offender Check
  • Plus others

How do I Do a Background Check on Myself?

It’s important to know what others might see about you. Employers, schools, landlords, and even your neighbors. Don’t you want to know what they find? Self background checks can be done using a company or going to your state or county and getting a background report.

Can I Background Check Myself for Free?

Using state and county resources background checks can be done for free. Not all state’s offer free personal background checks and at times it can be a small fee. Going to a courthouse which offers a court records portal might also be a way to get these records for free. Call the local clerks office if an online portal isn’t available in your area.

Is there a 100% Totally Free background Check?

Absolutely free background checks do exist but it depends what you’re looking for and where the background check is done. Some states make it easy and free to look at criminal records and other make it very difficult and charge a fee. For example real estate records can be looked-up pretty much at any county appraisers website for free. But if you need criminal non-conviction records from states like California, Kentucky, New York, or New Mexico you wont get them because these state prevent certain records from being reported. So to get 100% free background check is possible in most area’s but in some cases it will depend on the record type and what regulations a particular state has regarding public access to these records.

Criminal Background Check Free and Paid.

Criminal background check records are the most popular record type when it comes to background check reports. Criminal and Arrest records start at the local police and county sheriffs offices. Some police stations offer background checks but typically these records will be at the county courthouse. Using local police and sheriffs websites there is an option to search arrests and mugshots databases. Typically the people arrested haven’t been officially found guilty of the crime for which they are being charged for and the arrestees are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

How Do I Do a Criminal Background Check?

Locating criminal background check records can typically be done at the state level (not in all states). This limit’s the search to just one state and in some cases, a state might offer an add-on of an FBI nationwide criminal background check for which they will charge a fee. To find free criminal records a direct county search at the sheriffs or clerk of courts office or their specific websites is typically needed.