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What is a Alaska Background Check?

A Alaska background check is a way to verify a person’s integrity and identity using scans of records relating to their activities in the state of Alaska. One or more databases could be used to retrieve date of birth, address history, property records, criminal records, civil judgments, liens, bankruptcies, and other information. The precise selection of databases accessed will vary case to case depending on the reason for conducting the check.

What are Alaska Public Records?

Alaska public records comprise documents containing a variety of non-confidential data and information. State and federal privacy laws protect some types of records, but many are public. Some examples of information that may be entered into a person’s public records are place and date of birth, marriage information, court records, criminal charges, and business records such as articles of incorporation.
Alaska Public Records Act and Laws – AS 40.25.110, AS 40.25.115, AS 40.25.120, 2 AAC 96.200.

Difference between a Alaska state and nationwide background check?

Conducting a background check in a single state will only return records related to activities in that state. Because they examine a smaller pool of resources, these searches are somewhat easier and faster. The average American will live in multiple states during their lifetime, so a search of nationwide records may provide a more complete background check because it will gather information from all states in which they have lived.

Alaska State Record Resouces

Alaska Court Records: Docket and case summary information can be found using a system called CourtView at search can be done using a case number, a name, or a ticket/citation number. For common names, the search can be narrowed down with a range of birth dates or file dates. Available records include criminal, civil, traffic. Typically the records date back as far as 1990.

Alaska Criminal Records: Criminal and Arrest records can be viewed using the court system above. Alaska doesn’t offer an online system to check criminal background checks but required a manual submission with an option to search by name or fingerprints. Name based background check are $20 and fingerprint based background checks are $35. Directions for each process can be found at

Alaska Driving Records: Driving records can be obtained online with a driver license number, SSN, and a date of birth at there is a $10 fee per record request.

Alaska Business Lookup: Alaska provides a free of cost search of businesses registered in the state. This can be done at both current and expired listings can be viewed.

Alaska Sexual Offender Search: Alaska offers both a name based and map based search of offenders. Name based portal is at and the neighborhood check is at

Official Resources for Top Boroughs in Alaska.

Court Records: Civil and criminal court records can be requested at
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Local police department doesn’t offer jail and arrest records directly but uses a third party website at
Property Records: Search by address or place

What shows up on a Alaska background check?

The information collected during a background check is tailored to the purpose of the screening being conducted. A very thorough background check may draw from every source available to them, but others may only check that specific identifying information you provided is truthful or that you do not have a criminal record.

How long does a Alaska background check take?

The length of time needed to complete a background check varies depending on the depth of the search, location, and operations of the courthouse involved. The industry average is three to five business days. However, modern databases can return some completed checks in only a few minutes, and extenuating circumstances could cause checks to take longer than two weeks.

How far back does a Alaska background check go?

Most public records are available going back seven or ten years, depending on the type or record. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that non-conviction criminal information cannot be reported after seven years. Though there is no limit set by the FCRA on criminal convictions, most states follow the seven-year rule.

How do I find free Alaska public records online?

Public records are accessible for free through a local government agency. For example, you can locate court records by contacting a local county clerk’s office in person or through their website.

How can I do a free Alaska background check?

You can do a free background check in the state of Alaska by starting with state criminal databases. Visit a state or county website and search for a person’s involvement in civil or criminal court cases, which are a matter of public record. If you recover records, verify them by contacting the local authorities. You can also check the national sex offender registry by visiting The National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), which links statewide sex offender registries into a single database.

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