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Thanks for stopping by – Here we’re dedicated to providing both paid and free resources to help individuals with online criminal and arrest record checks using third party tools, government, and local state public records. To get the most out of online background checks without having to jump through hoops use the nationwide name check option on top or select a state below to find local resources.

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What are Criminal Records?

At it’s essence criminal records are a summary of someone’s historic past with law enforcement and the court system. This summary should include things such as police arrests, convictions in court, what the sentence was, dismissals in some cases, guilty or not guilty verdicts, and parole information. Additional more personal information is also recorded in a criminal record such as the height and weight of the person, color of eyes and hair, any identifying marks like tattoos, and aliases. Criminal records can be found using central state systems and local courts / police departments. Below you’ll find resources to help with criminal record checks at the state level.

What are Arrest Records and Police Reports?

Arrest records are documented when an individual gets taken into custody by the police. This is typically done because of a criminal act. The arrest can happen immediately by the police or after an investigation has taken place. Once in custody a police report is made of the incident, fingerprints are taken, and any personal information is collected. Details regarding a police arrest can be requested directly from the arresting agency such as the police department or the sheriff’s office.

What is a Criminal History Check?

Criminal history checks are done for a variety of reasons and are a staple in a background check. Most states offer a statewide criminal history check. But it’s wise to remember criminal’s have been known to change states and on average most people more about 12 times in their lifetime. To be sure nothing is missed a multi state or somewhat of a nationwide criminal history check should be performed. Using the name search form on this page you’ll be able to do an instant criminal check online on just about anyone.

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Are Criminal and Arrest Records Public Information?

Technically speaking criminal records are considered public records. The ease with which these records can be looked at is another story. Some states make this process very easy and at time for free. Some states on the other hand will make this process long and difficult.

Free Criminal Records without a Credit Card.

Looking up criminal records for free without a credit card can be done usually at the county level using court records. This will depend on the state as some states aren’t as flexible when it comes to accessing searching criminal records online. The most effective way to get criminal or arrest records for free is to lookup local county clerk offices websites to see if they provide an online portal. If an online portal doesn’t exist or doesn’t provide detailed information a trip to the county clerk of court should be made. Most will have an online public access terminal where these records can be retrieved for free. Just remember that these records will be limited to the area in which the county has jurisdiction in. Use our state search to help located both online and onsite criminal record sources for free.

How to Obtain a Copy of a Police Record?

Police records / reports are generated by police or sheriff’s departments. These reports can be accessed by the people involved or their attorney typically within days directory from the arresting agency. For the general public and usually the media police reports can also be obtained but this will depend on the case and whether there’s an active investigation. Depending on the circumstance these police records can be limited or unobtainable until the investigation or the court process is over.

How to Check My Criminal Record?

Checking your own criminal record can usually be done at the state level. Some state’s will offer a specific self check option. If this isn’t an option try going directly to the county court and doing a name lookup or a court case number look up if the number is available. Doing a personal criminal background check will show what other might be seeing when it comes to the important things in life. Depending on the crime and the amount of time passed. Some state’s will allow a record expungement or seal the record.

How to Check Someone's Criminal Record?

Checking someone’s historic criminal past can be done by just about anyone. An easy place to start is at the local level by searching the local court house records. The second step is to see if the state offers a statewide check. Statewide checks directly from the state typically involve more personal information gathering and aren’t as anonymous. The third option is to use a third party website or company. This will all depend on why the criminal report is needed. Employer to employee and Landlord to tenant checks have to follow laws set by national and state government.