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What Is An Alaska Criminal Record?

A criminal record basically means the documentation of any previous criminal acts and convictions which an individual has experienced in their past. All those who have a “Alaska criminal record” have committed criminal offenses in their lifetime. While a criminal history is simply evidence that somebody did illegal activities in the past, it could continue to affect their future when getting a job or housing. Information regarding an individual’s criminal record can be obtained through local and county courts, and may generally be found by any individual as these records tend to be public. In some cases, once a long period has gone by, the person with the criminal record may ask that their criminal acts be sealed or expunged so that they will not disrupt their present lives. Criminal history record information is defined in AS 12.62.900(8) as information that contains: 1) past conviction information, 2) current offender information, and 3) criminal identification information (fingerprints, photographs, and other information or descriptions) that identify a person as having been the subject of a criminal arrest or prosecution.

Alaska Arrest and Criminal Records at the state level.

Alaska Arrest and Criminal Court Records: Statewide docket and case summary search can be done for trial courts at This database included criminal records as well as civil, traffic, and wills. For the complete case, information records would need to be purchased from the court.
Alaska Department of Public Safety: Statewide Background Check Services are available using walk-in history location terminals or by mail. See a list of walk-in locations The cost is $20 per report. For questions call or email (907) 269-5767 or by e-mail at A fingerprint-based background check is also available for $35. All these checks are Alaska criminal justice based only.
Alaska Department of Corrections incarceration/prison inmate records: There is no direct search portal online from the state corrections website.
Sex Offender/Child Kidnapper Records:
Search by name –
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Active Arrest Warrant Records in Alaska:

Alaska Criminal Records at the county level.

Anchorage Superior Court (Felony, Civil over $100,000, Juvenile, Domestic Relations, Ordinance, Guardianship, Probate)
825 W 4th Ave Anchorage, AK 99501
Access records: online, onsite, mail, and fax.
Public terminals are available for criminal record lookup.
Online Appellate Search at –
Form for mail or fax at –
Online – See state resources.
Anchorage District Court (Misdemeanor, Civil under $100,000, Eviction, Small Claims, Traffic, Ordinance)
825 W 4th Ave Anchorage, AK 99501
Access records: online, onsite, mail, and fax.
Public terminals are available for criminal record lookup.
More information and request form can be – found at
Online – See state resources.
Anchorage District Court (Traffic, Domestic Violence, Ordinance)
825 W 4th Ave Anchorage, AK 99501
Online – See state resources.

Fairbanks North Star Borough – Fairbanks
Fairbanks District Court (Misdemeanor, Civil under $100,000, Eviction, Small Claims, Traffic, Ordinance)
101 Lacey St Fairbanks, AK 99701
Access records: online and onsite.
Public terminals are available for criminal record lookup.
Online – See state resources.
Fairbanks Superior Court (Felony, Civil over $100,000, Juvenile, Domestic Relations, Ordinance, Guardianship, Probate)
101 Lacey St Fairbanks, AK 99701
Access records: online and onsite.
Public terminals are available for criminal record lookup.
Online – See state resources.

Most Common Crimes Which Show up on Alaska Arrest Records.

Drug-Related Crimes in Alaska
Drug crimes incorporate nearly any type of behavior associated with criminal drugs like heroin, cocaine, marijuana and even some prescription medications. In every state and at the federal level, officials take narcotic crimes very seriously given that they cause others to become harmed, fall ill, or experience wrongful death. North American government is actively battling the war on illegal drugs, causing the criminal prosecution of people they believe have breached a national or state drug regulation.
Larceny / Theft in Alaska
When an individual makes an attempt or carries out theft of either capital or personal property, then it’s charged under larceny or theft. The classification of theft is put to use when the crime is committed by a person who had legitimate access to the residence or business. Burglary charges are filed if the criminal activity is perpetrated by somebody that wasn’t supposed to be in or around the property.
Burglary in Alaska
The word ‘burglary’ used to suggest the illegal entrance of the private property, specifically during the night, for the purpose of thievery. Over the years, the meaning has evolved to include a selection of associated offenses, such as unlawfully intruding any building, day or night, with the goal of taking property. Structures that qualify for burglary can include areas of business, homes, along with outbuildings like garage areas and garden storage sheds.
Robbery in Alaska
If somebody participates in a robbery, it indicates that they have tried to commit theft as well as threatened another person or acted out towards them in violence. Robbery is usually done against people on the street, homeowners, business employees, and banking institutions. Even if the victim isn’t injured in the process, if they’re threatened with injury then the criminal activity is recognized as robbery. A robbery is a felony regardless of state in which the crime takes place.
DWI/DUI in Alaska
The terms DUI, OUI, and DWI are being used by numerous states to describe someone who drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Although they’re thought to be driving crimes, they’re severe in nature. All states have a strong position with these crimes because they are responsible for more than a 3rd of all deaths on the roads.
Disorderly Conduct in Alaska
The expression ‘disorderly conduct,’ suitable in all states, covers several infractions including public intoxication, disturbance of peace and loitering. The expression is versatile, and thus it can also include other disruptive illegal activity. Usually, a charge of disorderly conduct is used by the authorities when someone exhibits disruptive conduct, but he is most likely not a real danger to the community.
Criminal Traffic Violations in Alaska
Any time a person is charged with a criminal traffic violation, they could be looking at time behind bars. Rather than involving more widespread violations like speeding, these charges are serious and could impact an individual’s future for years.
Fraud in Alaska
Being a white-collar crime, unlawful fraud involves a plot to deceive or cheat other people for personal monetary and other gains. Incorrectly representing some truth just to deceive people can be viewed as criminal fraud.
Vandalism in Alaska
Vandalism is willfully causing damage to the property of other folks. Even though generally a misdemeanor charge, it’s a wide grouping that includes things like defacing or destroying someone’s parked car, a wall along the street, or personal property. Common acts can include spray painting a wall or car.

Types of Alaska Arrest Records.

Infractions Records in Alaska
Infractions: a great example would be traffic code offenses. They are usually smaller violations typically punishable by fines.
Alaska Misdemeanor Arrest
A misdemeanor is a bit more serious when compared to an infraction but less significant when compared to a felony. Such charges bring about penalties which might include a year or less jail time, as opposed to a felony that might include prolonged time in state prison. While a misdemeanor is less serious, it might still require paying penalties and spending some time behind bars.
Alaska Felony Arrest
Felonies are more serious violations, which is why they have serious criminal consequences. Felonies often consist of offenses against a person or other things such as burglary. They may also include fraud, homicide, rape, kidnapping, arson, armed robbery, or animal cruelty.
Alaska Juvenile Arrest
A juvenile is known as a person who is under the age of 18 in the majority of states, even though a few consider children as young as 17. A juvenile record is comprised of criminal acts that are perpetrated before adulthood. A few criminal offenses which are committed as a juvenile could have the person in question get charged as an adult, dependant upon the offense and the conditions of the case. In many instances, this info is sealed after a person becomes of legal age.
Alaska Arrest Warrant
Arrest warrants are documents issued by judiciary administrators to law enforcement officials. This warrant gives detectives or officers authorization to put a suspect under arrest. In order to get an arrest warrant, a police officer or detective will have to present a claim for probable cause to a judge.
Difference Between Prison vs Jail Arrests in Alaska.
No one wants to spend time behind bars. But it happens all the time. There are a few distinctions involving arrests that result in incarceration in prisons and jails. Commonly, jails are for short term stays and are operated by local area personnel who focus on holding inmates while they serve modest sentences or are waiting to go to trial. Prisons are long term incarceration solutions that are designed to house felons and are run by the state administration.
Alaska Expungement of Records: See;.aspx
Expungement necessitates the legal process of requesting a court to remove or “seal” information from a criminal record. This implies it wouldn’t be viewable by the general population. In certain states, you can get dismissed charges as well as a number of convictions taken from your records when you fulfill certain conditions. To achieve success, a certain amount of time will need to have passed and the action must also be approved by a judge. The main reason individuals will ask for expungement is for the objective of getting a more satisfactory job or rent.

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