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What Is A Idaho Criminal Record?

Each time an individual is involved with law enforcement or the judicial system. The agency involved has to create a report of what happened. The details are useful for federal and state agencies when it comes to future incidences. Inside the criminal record, you’ll typically find things like the complete name and any aliases utilized by the person, address, social security number (not for the public), hair color, fingerprints, as well as any identifying marks. Also, information about the arrest or charge, and ultimately whether guilty or innocent verdict has been documented.

Idaho Arrest and Criminal Records at the state level.

Using criminal court records in Idaho: The state of Idaho has a statewide system called iCourt in which 44 counties participate. See

Idaho State Police: Statewide Idaho criminal history can be done with the state police. Both a fingerprint and a name-based search can be done. See forms and details at

Prison records search:

Sex Offender Search:

Idaho Criminal Records at the county level.

Ada County – Boise
District Criminal Court (Felony)
200 W Front St, Rm 1190 Boise, ID 83702-5931
Record search methods: Online, in person, mail, fax.
Self serve terminals: Yes
Online Criminal Records Database –
Magistrate Criminal Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Infractions)
200 W Front St, Rm 1190 Boise, ID 83702-5931
Record search methods: Online, in person, mail, fax.
Self serve terminals: Yes
Online Criminal Records Database –
Ada County Sheriff’s Office
Arrests, Inmate Roster, and Warrants Search –
Public Records Request –
Boise Police Department
Police Public Records Request (Police Reports filed in the Records Division, Photographs, Accident Report, and Other) –
Most Wanted –

Canyon County – Caldwell
District Court (Felony, Civil $10,00 or more, Property Disputes, Contracts)
1115 Albany Caldwell, ID 83605
Record search methods: Online, in person.
Self serve terminals: No
Online Criminal Records Database –
Canyon County Sheriff’s Office
Current Arrests –
Sheriff’s Office Public Records Request –

Kootenai County – Coeur d’Alene
District Court (Felony, Civil $10,00 or more, Property Disputes, Contracts, Misdemeanor)
324 W Garden Ave Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814
Record search methods: Online, in person.
Self serve terminals: Yes
Online Criminal Records Database –
Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office
In Custody Report –
Active Warrants –

Bonneville County – Idaho Falls
District Court (Felony, Civil $10,00 or more, property Disputes, Contracts)
605 N Capital Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Record search methods: Online, in person, mail.
Self serve terminals: Yes
Online Criminal Records Database –
Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office
Inmate List –
Requests for police reports, case reports, crash reports –

Common Crimes on Idaho Arrest Records.

Idaho Drug Related Crimes
Drug crimes involve virtually any sort of actions associated with an illegitimate drug like heroin, cocaine, marijuana and also some prescription drugs. The movement of a drug is likewise viewed as a drug crime. In every state and across the nation, authorities consider drug crimes seriously because they cause some to become damaged, fall sick, or experience wrongful death. North American government is constantly combating the war on illegal drugs, causing the criminal prosecution of men and women they believe have violated a national or state drug regulation.
Idaho Larceny / Theft
When someone takes something which isn’t theirs, it could be explained in a number of various terms including larceny, petty theft, and grand theft. The location where you reside and the situations of the crime determine what designation it gets. Commonly, theft is a very common crime given it involves taking belongings that belong to another individual with the express objective of keeping it.
Idaho Burglary
Initially, common usage of the word ‘burglary’ used to signify the illicit entry of private property, especially at nighttime, for the purpose of thievery. Over time, the meaning has developed to include a range of affiliated crimes, such as illegally intruding any building, night or day, with the goal of thievery. Structures that qualify for burglary include areas of business, houses and also outbuildings like garage areas and outdoor sheds.
Idaho Robbery
Whenever theft coincides with a violent act, then it is charged as a robbery. In most cases, there exists a victim involved who experienced or was threatened with harm. The charge is going to be increased to an armed or aggravated robbery if a weapon is employed. Weapon categories can be a firearm, knife, or whatever else deemed as causing real harm.
Idaho Assault/Battery
Traditionally, assault and battery had been largely thought of as individual violations. Assault occurs when there’s a concern with impending physical injury; having said that, the law identifies battery as the actual physical injury a victim endures. In other words, “assault” is often the start of an act, while “battery” is commonly considered the ending. As such, virtually all statutes do not make clear variations between these criminal offenses.
Receiving a DUI means that someone is making use of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is also sometimes called DWI, which stands for driving while intoxicated, or OWI for operating while intoxicated. The threat of these charges assists to keep the streets safe by decreasing the number of alcohol that individuals can consume before they operate an automobile. When someone is charged with a DUI, they can anticipate to get considerable fees and penalties to stop future offenses.
Idaho Disorderly Conduct
The expression ‘disorderly conduct,’ appropriate in all states, covers a number of infractions such as public intoxication, hindrance of the peace and loitering. The expression is versatile, and thus it can also cover other disruptive illegal activity. Usually, a charge of disorderly conduct is applied by law enforcement officials whenever a person displays disruptive conduct, but they are very likely not a danger to the general public.
Idaho Criminal Traffic Violations
When using a vehicle inappropriately, an individual can face criminal offence traffic charges. Cases of malicious intent can lead to prison time. Trucks and cars can be a lethal weapon when not used adequately or with malicious aim. Less egregious wrong doings are usually charged as a misdemeanor and will not call for a long trial.
Idaho Fraud
As a white-collar criminal offense, criminal fraud will involve a plot to con or cheat people for personal financial and other gains. Incorrectly representing some facts just to con individuals can be viewed as criminal fraud.
Idaho Vandalism
If somebody destroys or damages a piece of belongings that belongs to somebody else or to the general public, it is viewed as vandalism. Certain acts of vandalism can be significantly less offensive such as purposefully defacing a library book, while others might include acts like spraying graffiti on a business front.

Types of Idaho Arrest Records

Idaho Infractions Records
Infractions, such as traffic code violations, are usually lesser violations frequently punishable by penalties.
Idaho Misdemeanor Arrest
Most small infractions are handled with a citation. When a crime is more considerable, although not on the felony level, it’s given a misdemeanor charge. A misdemeanor is designed for moderate crimes that include less severe punishments as opposed to those of a felony. The main difference between the two boils down to jail time in most states. Anything that bears up to a year of jail time is given a misdemeanor classification, and everything over a year will likely be classified as a felony.
Idaho Felony Arrest
Felonies are more considerable violations, which is why they come with more severe criminal consequences. Felonies oftentimes involve violations against an individual or other things such as property. Some might also involve fraud, murder, sexual assault, burglary, kidnapping, arson, armed robbery, or tax evasion.
Idaho Juvenile Arrest
Although young adults and children make rash decisions, there are many that commit serious legal violations. To help give them the optimal start as grownups, their criminal offender records usually are not as simple to find and are generally private apart from distinct individuals and organizations.
Idaho Arrest Warrant
Arrest warrants are reports issued by judiciary administrators to the police. This warrant permits the police officers’ authorization to put a suspect under arrest. To be able to get an arrest warrant, an official or detective needs to present a case for probable cause to a judge.
Idaho Difference Between Prison vs Jail Arrests
Jail is a site in which an individual is kept while they are awaiting trial. Conversely, it’s also used as a place to accommodate those who have perpetrated moderate crimes. A prison, in contrast, is a place where individuals who’ve perpetrated significant violations are sent for rehabilitation. All these stays are for more than a year, and for violations that are felony levels.
Idaho Expungement of Records see
Expungement necessitates the legal mechanisms for requesting a court to remove or “seal” information from a criminal record. This implies it wouldn’t be viewable by the general public. In a few states, you can have dismissed charges together with selected convictions stripped away from your records should you satisfy certain criteria. To be successful, some time must have passed and the action must also be authorized by a judge. The biggest reason people demand expungement is for the objective of obtaining a more satisfactory job or property.

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