Washington background check and Washington public records

Washington Background Check and Washington Public Records

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What is a Washington Background Check?

Background checks in Washington involve seeking and pulling together public records that tell a story about a person’s background. Typically, a business will run a background check to see if a person is responsible or qualified. They may be run for jobs that require security clearance or to ensure an individual has no criminal history. Background checks are possible for both personal and business reasons.

What is a Washington Public Records?

Public records in Washington are documents, compiled information and the like that are available to the public. These include a wealth of court documents from birth certificates to criminal hearings. Probably without even thinking about it, you’ve left behind records of places you’ve lived, people you’ve been associated with and jobs you’ve held. There are some documents that are withheld from the public, but that doesn’t apply to most people. Only rare instances call for keeping typically public information confidential, such as with court proceedings that involve minors.

Washington Official Background Check and Washington Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: State of Washington offers a centrelized system using Odyssey technologies at https://odysseyportal.courts.wa.gov/odyportal. Please note King and Pierce counties are not part of this system and the records are limited to Superior courts not District courts. Limited search of docket information can be done for free using https://dw.courts.wa.gov/ this system includes Municipal, District, Superior and Appellate cases. Search can be done by name. This portal is great for figuring out which courthouse holds the actually record. For King County a separate portal is available at https://dja-ecreweb.kingcounty.gov/ecronline/External/LogonPages/Logon.aspx which provides access to Superior court case documents.

Recorder’s Office Records: There’s no statewide system for recorded documents. Most counties provide a direct search portal locally at the county level. (See counties below)

Criminal Records: Criminal background checks in Washington can be done using a system called WATCH. The cost for a name search is $11 with other price options aswell. See https://fortress.wa.gov/wsp/watch/

Driving Records: Purchase your WA driving record at https://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/requestyourrecord.html. Purchase another person’s driving record at https://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/requestothersrecord.html.

Business Lookup: Lookup business owner records at https://ccfs.sos.wa.gov/#/AdvancedSearch.

Incarceration Records: Search prison inmate records with DOC number or last name at https://www.doc.wa.gov/information/inmate-search/default.aspx.

Warrant Search: See outstanding warrants in the state of Washington at https://www.doc.wa.gov/information/warrants/default.aspx.

Sexual Offender Registry: Washington state provides a portal for level 2 and 3 sexual offenders. Which can be searched for free at http://sheriffalerts.com/cap_office_disclaimer.php?office=54528.

Official Resources for Top Counties in Washington.

King County: Top City Seattle
Court Records: https://dja-ecreweb.kingcounty.gov/ecronline/External/LogonPages/Logon.aspx
Recorder’s Office Records: https://recordsearch.kingcounty.gov/LandmarkWeb
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://ingress.kingcounty.gov/Public/JILS/default.aspx
Property Records GIS: https://gismaps.kingcounty.gov/parcelviewer2/

Pierce County: Top City Tacoma
Court Records: https://linxonline.co.pierce.wa.us/linxweb/Search.cfm
Recorder’s Office Records: https://armsweb.co.pierce.wa.us/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://linxonline.co.pierce.wa.us/linxweb/Booking/GetJailRoster.cfm
Property Records GIS: https://epip.co.pierce.wa.us/cfapps/atr/epip/search.cfm

Snohomish County: Top City Everett
Court Records: https://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov/Collections/TitleInfo/1836
Recorder’s Office Records: http://www.snoco.org/RecordedDocuments/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.snoco.org/app/corrections/jailregister/dailyJailRegisterSearch.aspx
Property Records: https://snohomishcountywa.gov/5167/Assessor

Spokane County: Top City Spokane
Court Records: https://cp.spokanecounty.org/courtdocumentviewer/ and
Recorder’s Office Records: https://recording.spokanecounty.org/recorder/eagleweb/docSearch.jsp
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.spokanecounty.org/352/Inmate-Roster
Property Records: https://cp.spokanecounty.org/scout/propertyinformation/

Clark County: Top City Vancouver
Court Records: https://www.clerkepass.com/
Recorder’s Office Records: https://recorder.co.clark.nv.us/RecorderEcommerce/
Arrest / Jail Inmate Records: https://www.clark.wa.gov/sheriff/jail-roster
Property Records: https://gis.clark.wa.gov/applications/gishome/auditor/index.cfm

Thurston County: Top City Olympia
Recorder’s Office Records: https://fortress.wa.gov/thurstonco/eagleweb/thurstonrecorder/web/splash.jsp
Arrest / Inmate Records: https://www.co.thurston.wa.us/sheriff/bureau-corrections-roster-search.asp
Property Records: https://tcproperty.co.thurston.wa.us/propsql/front.asp

Kitsap County: Top City Port Orchard
Recorder’s Office Records: http://kcwaimg.co.kitsap.wa.us/recorder/web/login.jsp
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.kitsapgov.com/sheriff/Pages/InCustody.aspx

Yakima County: Top City Yakima
Recorder’s Office Records: https://www.yakimaco.us/inmatelookup/YcDocPublicIncarcerated.aspx
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.yakimaco.us/inmatelookup/YcDocPublicIncarcerated.aspx
Property Records: https://www.yakimacounty.us/627/Parcel-Search

Whatcom County: Top City Bellingham
Recorder’s Office Records: https://recording.whatcomcounty.us/Disclaimer
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.co.whatcom.wa.us/258/Inmate-Databases
Property Records: http://property.whatcomcounty.us/propertyaccess/

Benton County: Top City Prosser
Recorder’s Office Records: https://erecording.co.benton.wa.us/recorder/eagleweb/docSearch.jsp
Arrest / Jail Roster Records: https://www.co.benton.wa.us/pview.aspx?id=1803&catid=0

Skagit County: Top City Mount Vernon
Recorder’s Office Records: https://www.skagitcounty.net/Search/Recording/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.skagitcounty.net/Departments/Jail/jailrostermain.htm
Property Records: https://www.skagitcounty.net/Search/Property/

Cowlitz County: Top City Kelso
Recorder’s Office Records: http://apps.co.cowlitz.wa.us/cowlitzapps/cowlitzauditorpublicrecords/(S(gbpjhf45ry5drm55wjkh0ki0))/search.aspx?Type=a&ID=
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://apps.co.cowlitz.wa.us/CCCD/Custody/default/Index.html
Property Records GIS: http://cowlitz.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=5f8bb5c362a449648606077d1fcbf764

Difference between a Washington state and nationwide background check?

The difference is all in the name. A state background check only includes information from the state in question. It searches for crimes and history in that location only. Nationwide background check open up the search to the entire country. You can also conduct a multi-state background check, which isn’t national, but includes more than one state.

What shows up on a background check?

Depending on the type of background check you conduct, any number of things can turn up on a background check. It also depends on the background of the individual. One person could have page after page of records while another has never seen the inside of a courthouse.

Items that may turn up include:
Sex offenses
Prison records
Driving records
Previous and current addresses
Familial relations
Credit reports
Employment history
Social media profiles

How long does a Washington background check take?

It can take some time for background checks to come back, though some will return instant, though limited, results. For example, records required directly from a courthouse will take however long that court needs to process the request.

How far back does a background check go?

There are different limitations on different kinds of information. Moreover, different states have different rules regarding limitations on background information, as does the federal government. As a general rule, some financial information will have a limit of 7 to 10 years while crimes may show up in some states indefinitely.

How do I find free Washington public records online?

You can find public records online and free, but you will have to do the digging yourself. Start with the county courthouse, town hall and property appraisers website. You can find address history, criminal history, sex offenses and more this way.

How can I do a free Washington background check?

Get started with free information available online, particularly through the state government. A wealth of information is public record. If you’re running a background on someone who’s lived in more than one state, check the records in every state. Narrow your search down to county and city level, combing through court documents in each area the subject has lived. Don’t forget to check both civil and criminal courts. And never forget to check popular social media sites.

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