Idaho Background Check and Idaho Public Records

Idaho Background Check and Idaho Public Records

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What is a Idaho Background Check?

Background checks verify the integrity of a person and gives a clear picture of their history using information from one or more public databases. The depth of the check and the assortment of databases accessed will vary based on the purpose of the background check being run, but could include criminal records, birth records, address history, and financial information such as bankruptcies.

What is are Idaho Public Records?

Government agencies keep records of documents used in interactions between themselves and the public. Although confidentiality regulations protect some kinds of information, many are considered public record. A great deal of personal information can be accessible in the public record and this data about an individual accrues over their whole lives.

Idaho Official Background Check and Idaho Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Idaho uses an icourt portal which includes all 40 counties. This search can be done at

Criminal Records: No online portal is available for a criminal background check in Idaho. It can be done manually by following the information at

Driving Records: Idaho has an online system called CICS to access driver license records. It can be found at there is a $95 subscription fee. For anyone wanting to pull their own record for free use

Business Lookup: This is a free service online. Use

Incarceration Records: Search the Idaho department of corrections offender database at

Sexual Offender Registry: Search is available by name, address, and map. Use

Official Resources for Top Counties in Idaho.

Ada County: Top City Boise
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Search current arrests, inmate roster, and warrants at
Property Records:

Canyon County: Top City Caldwell
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records: Search by Parcel or use the GIS Interactive map at

Kootenai County: Top City Coeur d’Alene
Court Records:
Recorder’s Office Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: See current inmate list and wanted felony report at
Property Records:

Bonneville County: Top City Idaho Falls
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:

Bannock County: Top City Pocatello
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Difference between a Idaho and nationwide background check?

A background check limited to the state of Idaho will only return records pertaining to activities conducted in the state. Statewide checks are quicker and easier to do because they don’t include nearly as much information as a nationwide search. Because most adults will move to multiple states over their lifetimes, it may be valuable to conduct a nationwide search in order to obtain a more complete background check.

What shows up on a background check?

What specific information a background check will return depends mainly on what type of records it accesses. A very thorough background check could look into all records available, and information therein could pertain to arrests, court records, sex offenses, driving records, employment information, and social media profiles. A more targeted check could only include specific information, such as a criminal conviction.

How long does a background check take?

Because all of a person’s public records are not collected into a single database, how long a background check takes to complete varies from case to case. Courthouses could be slow to retrieve archived records, while digital databases could return an answer in only a few minutes. The average industry turnaround is three to five business days.

How far back does a Idaho background check go?

The length of a person’s history that a background check examines is somewhat variable. States can have different laws regulating how much information a background check is allowed to include. It’s common for states to have a restriction on criminal history beyond seven years, though not all states do. The most common time periods for these regulations to specify are seven or ten years.

How do I find free Idaho public records online?

Members of the public can access records for free by contacting state and local government agencies. You can contact your county clerk, assessor, courthouse, or sheriff in person or through a website. Use these resources to determine whether an individual has records on file pertaining to specific areas of interest.

How can I do a free Idaho background check?

Researching an individual’s public record yourself allows you to perform a free background check on that person. Public records hold a large amount of specific information about a person’s history and activities. State and local government offices enable you to access public records through information requests or access to online databases.

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