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What is a Montana Background Check?

Background checks are often checks of public information to discover information about an individual that may or may not present problems during the hiring process for a job, for trustworthiness regarding a loan, or for other activities that may require high levels of trust or security. A Montana background check will provide this information to a person authorized to make decisions about the individual in question based on the information available in the background check.

What are Montana Public Records?

In today’s digital age, there is a lot of public information about you that can be made available via a background check. Not only are your name, telephone numbers, birth information, employment records, criminal records, and credit history often available to the public if one knows where to look, your online digital activity may also be available, especially if you haven’t secured social media accounts and your online history.

Montana Official Background Check and Montana Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: No statewide online system to search court records.

Recorder’s Office Records: Assessor and mapping information can be found at

Criminal Records: Public and registered user can access statewide criminal background check information at Cost per request is $20.

Driving Records: Users may search for a driving record by entering the appropriate driver license number, name and date of birth. See

Business Lookup: Look up business information at

Incarceration Records: Search current and former prisoners at the Montana department of corrections at

Sexual Offender Registry: Sexual offenders can be searched by name or neighborhood search at

Official Resources for Top Counties in Montana.

Yellowstone County: Top City Billings
Recorder’s Office Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Missoula County: Top City Missoula
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Gallatin County: Top City Bozeman
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Difference between a Montana state and nationwide background check?

A local search in Montana will only yield results in Montana. Usually, searching only in one state will be a lot quicker than searching nationwide, making conducting your own background check easier if you’d like to do it for free. A nationwide background check can take a lot longer, more time, and more resources; however, it will also yield better results, as you’ll get to see information about the person from other states, which may give you exactly the information you’re looking for.

What shows up on a Montana background check?

A Montana background check can secure different types of information depending on the purpose of the background check. Apartment complexes will often screen new residents; employers have a vested interest in checking the backgrounds of potential employees; banks may run background checks before opening a new account or issuing a new loan. Privacy rights are usually protected in laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), but in order to get certain amenities, background checks can be required. No, you don’t have to consent to a background check, but no one is required to give you a job or a loan or an apartment without passing one. Of course, public information can be searched with or without your consent.

How long does a Montana background check take?

Montana public records are available to everyone, but unless the information is readily available online, the results of a Montana background check may not be available immediately. For certain information, one might have to visit the courthouse to search Montana public records by hand. Some information, such as criminal records and credit history, can be found online almost instantaneously.

How far back does a Montana background check go?

The FCRA puts certain limits on how far back someone can search your history. For criminal records, there is no limit unless you are able to have records expunged. For bankruptcies, searchers can go back as far as ten years, and for other credit delinquencies or liens, searchers can go back up to seven years.

How do I find free Montana public records online?

To conduct a public background search on someone, you can easily start online. There are plenty of companies that offer paid background searches. All you have to know is the person’s name and a few other pieces of information just to make sure you’re searching for the right person. Usually, criminal backgrounds and credit information can be accessed automatically along with past residences and phone numbers. If you’re looking for something more specific, you may have to visit a local courthouse for public records or even make an appointment with a property appraiser. Some of this information could be found online at a property appraiser’s website or even a local agency’s web site. In many cases, the information can be had for free if you’re able to find the right places.

How can I do a free Montana background check?

Basically, if you’re willing to put in the time and the effort, much of what you’re looking for can be found free online or at a public office. The web sites that sell background checks have merely searched public information that is free to the public and gathered it together for you. While this is convenient and saves time, you can do the same thing if you’re willing.

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