South Dakota Background Check and South Dakota Public Records

South Dakota Background Check and South Dakota Public Records

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What is a South Dakota Background Check?

A background check is a way to uncover personal information about an individual. These personal details are obtained via court records, property records and criminal background check. The reasons for conducting a background check isn’t sinister. Typically, background checks are conducted out of concern about a business partner, neighbor or dating partner. Background checks often ease tension and provide a boost of confidence that the correct person was picked to date, live next to or enter a business partnership.

What is a South Dakota Public Records?

South Dakota public records describe a variety of documents and information in the public’s domain. Many people don’t think about their private information being easily accessible to the public, but it is. Through the course of a person’s lifetime, their private information will be part of the public records. This means individual leaves a paper trail from the moment their birth is recorded. It’s important to note that certain information is blocked from public view. The reason why the information is blocked because it doesn’t meet confidentiality or privacy exemption according to federal or state law.

South Dakota Official Background Check and South Dakota Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Statewide criminal docket search can be done at with a cost of $20 per search. Civil dockets can be searched at cost is $4 per name search.

Tax Assessor Records: Data coming from 23 counties can be found at

Criminal Records: There’s no online system for statewide criminal background checks. A statewide and FBI background check can be done by manually submitting a form. See Cost is $24 per name search.

Driving Records: There’s no online system for driving records in South Dakota. A form would need to be submitted and this information can be found at The cost is $5.

Business Lookup: Business name information search can be found at

Incarceration Records: South Dakota Department of Correct inmate/prison records can be research at free of charge.

Sexual Offender Registry: See Search by name or map.

Official Resources for Top Counties in South Dakota.

Minnehaha County: Top City Sioux Falls
Recorder’s Office Records:
Arrest / Inmate Records:
Local Warrants:
Property Records GIS:
Mortgage Foreclosures:

Pennington County: Top City Rapid City
Arrest / Inmate Records:
Warrant Search:
Property Records:

Lincoln County: Top City Canton
Tax Payment System:
Property Records:

Difference between South Dakota state and nationwide background check?

A statewide background check covers every state in the Union. It’s easier to do than checking a person’s background state by state. A background check in South Dakota only uncovers information within the state.

What Shows Up on a South Dakota Background Check?

A background check is done for a variety of reasons other than dating or business partnerships. If an individual is applying for an apartment or a job, they will need to pass a background check. The kind of information that shows up on the background check depends on the type of investigation conducted.

However Long Does a South Dakota State Background Check Take?

Background checks may take time to complete. It depends on the type of background check conducted and whether an online portal search is done. Sometimes an extended processing time is needed depending on the type of records needed and how quickly a courthouse can process the search request. This is the case when seeking records that are archived.

How Far Back does a South Dakota State Background Check Go?

It depends on the record type. The FCRA doesn’t limit the number of years a criminal convicted can be accessed or reported. However, some states do not follow this rule. Instead, states limited criminal conviction reports to seven years. FCRA does set certain limits on specific records. For example, reporting tax liens is limited to seven years after a payment is made. A bankruptcy stays on a report for 10 years.

How do I Find South Dakota Public Records Online?

The best way to conduct a free public records search is online at the county level. Most local agencies make it easy to research public records. For instance, search the local property appraiser’s office website. A property records search can be done online. Many government agencies have public information online. Thus, it’s easy to conduct a free search.

How Can I Do a Free South Dakota Background Check?

Conduct a free background check at the court level. This means that an individual is accessing public records from the state’s official government website. This must be done for each state where the person lived and/or worked. After that, search on the county’s public criminal records database.

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