Wyoming background check and Wyoming public records

Wyoming Background Check and Wyoming Public Records

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What is a Wyoming Background Check?

When you are preparing to hire, do business with, or date someone, you want to gain a good understanding of their history and habits. A background check in Wyoming can help you do just that. These background checks work to gather public records and provide an overview of the individual’s life up to this point. Through a background check, you can get a good idea of a person’s ability to complete tasks and pay bills.

What are Wyoming Public Records?

Public records in Wyoming are generally documents and pieces of information that can be viewed by anyone who wants to see them. The idea of finding out personal details seems unlikely; however, public records can cover a wide range of things from arrest records to credit histories. While some documents are not open to the public, enough is available to provide a good overview of the individual being researched.

Wyoming Official Background Check and Wyoming Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Wyoming doesn’t have an online based court record system.

Recorder’s Office Records: There isnt a statewide system for recorded documents. There is a GIS mapping system which include’s 14 counties at https://maps.greenwoodmap.com/projects.html.

Criminal Records: No statewide criminal background check system online.

Driving Records: http://www.dot.state.wy.us/driverservices

Business Lookup: https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingSearch.aspx

Incarceration Records: Wyoming Department Of Corrections prison/inmate search at http://wdoc-loc.wyo.gov/.

Sexual Offender Registry: Search sexual offender records by area or name for free at http://www.communitynotification.com/cap_main.php?office=55699.

Official Resources for Top Counties in Wyoming.

Laramie County: Top City Cheyenne
Property Records: https://greenwoodmap.com/laramie/

Natrona County: Top City Casper
Recorder’s Office Records: https://www.natronacounty-wy.gov/363/Property-Search
Active Warrants: https://www.natronacounty-wy.gov/526/Warrants
Property Records: https://geosmart.casperwy.gov/

Campbell County: Top City Gillette
Wanted List Records: https://www.ccgov.net/DocumentCenter/View/9972/Active-Warrant-List?bidId=
Property Records: https://ccgiscoop.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=560eced8fd2a48a8880bf9774305b275

Sweetwater County: Top City Green River
Recorder’s Office Records: https://maps.greenwoodmap.com/sweetwater/
Arrest / Inmate Jail Mugshots Records: https://sweetwater911.org/apps/jailroster/

Fremont County: Top City Lander
Property Records: https://maps.greenwoodmap.com/fremontwy/

Difference between a Wyoming state and nationwide background check?

When you are performing a Wyoming state background check, that means that your results will be limited to what an individual has done while residing in that state alone. While pinpointing a specific state makes it faster and easier to come up with results, it does not give an overall view of an individual’s habits. If someone recently moved into the area, it might be wise to perform a nationwide check where you take into account their entire life and regular habits. Just because someone has been crime-free in Wyoming for the last six months, doesn’t mean that they are trustworthy! A nationwide search will reveal their entire history.

What shows up on Wyoming background checks?

The details you discover on a background check vary depending on where you go and what records you investigate. Generally, background checks involve the following:
Arrest details
Court records
Sex offenses
Arrest warrants
Driving infractions
Jail records
Personal information
Credit history
Previous jobs
Online presence

How long does a Wyoming background check take?

When you want to know about a person, you usually need your results fast; however, this is not always the way that background checks work. While online portal searches can be accomplished immediately, full checks often require trips to the courthouse and receiving access to certain records.

How far back does a Wyoming background check go?

The results of a background check vary greatly from state-to-state, but most checks reveal seven to ten years of a person’s past criminal history. In some other areas, you can view results indefinitely.

How do I find free Wyoming public records online?

The internet makes it easy to perform background checks online for free or at a fraction of the usual cost. Wyoming public records can be accessed through government websites such as courthouse databases, the county clerk website, the sheriff’s website, and local jail roosters. While this search will take time, it will provide results for free.

How can I do free Wyoming background checks?

Start your free background check by looking up public court information and finding records that include the person you are searching. You can find this information on your state’s government website and then search for the individual you are investigating. Be sure to also include maiden names and aliases in your search! County and city level websites also provide additional information such as misdemeanor, bankruptcies, and court-ordered debt payments.

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