Utah background check and Utah public records

Utah Background Check and Utah Public Records

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What is a Utah Background Check?

Much like their name suggests, Utah background checks are in-depth evaluations into a Utahan’s background. Designed for both commercial and personal purposes, background checks help others gauge a person’s integrity, virtue, and trust. Background checks are ideal for examining a person who is unwilling to divulge information that they’ve deemed sensitive.

What is a Utah Public Records?

Utah public records consist of information that’s available to the public. In other words, non-confidential data. Some find it unsettling how much of their data is open to the public. From your date of birth to property records, people can gain extensive insight into your life thanks to public records. However, rest assured that not all of your dirty laundry is being aired. Federal law prohibits certain information from ever being publicized. These restrictions vary from state to state.

Utah Official Background Check and Utah Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Utah statewide district and justice court record are availalable using a system called XChange. The fee to join the system is $25 for registration and $30 per month. See https://www.utcourts.gov/xchange/.

Recorder’s Office Records: Statewide recorded documents and real estate information sources can be found at http://www.utahcounty.gov/LandRecords/Index.asp.

Criminal Records: There’s no statewide criminal background check online. Individual are able to request their own records at https://bci.utah.gov/criminal-records/criminal-records-forms/.

Statewide Warrants: https://secure.utah.gov/warrants/index.html

Driving Records: This service allows you to purchase your personal MVR (otherwise known as a driving record). https://secure.utah.gov/mvr-personal/

Business Lookup: Search business records for free at https://secure.utah.gov/bes/index.html.

Incarceration Records: UDC Utah of Corrections offender/prison records at https://corrections.utah.gov/index.php/2014-10-30-20-13-59.

Sexual Offender Registry: Sexual and Kidnap offender search can be done at http://www.communitynotification.com/cap_office_disclaimer.php?office=54438. Search by name, city, or address.

Official Resources for Top Counties in Utah.

Salt Lake County: Top City Salt Lake City
Recorder’s Office Records: https://slco.org/recorder/SLCRLogin.aspx
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://iml.slsheriff.org/IML
Property Records: https://slco.org/assessor/new/javaapi2/parcelviewext.cfm

Utah County: Top City Provo
Recorder’s Office Records: http://www.utahcounty.gov/Dept/Record/LandRecords/index.asp
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.co.utah.ut.us/dept/Sheriff/Corrections/InmateSearch.asp
Property Records: https://maps.utahcounty.gov/ParcelMap/ParcelMap.html

Davis County: Top City Farmington
Recorder’s Office Records: https://webportal.daviscountyutah.gov/App/PropertySearch/esri/map
Arrest / Jail Inmate Records: https://www.daviscountyutah.gov/sheriff/inmate-roster

Weber County: Top City Ogden
Recorder’s Office Records: http://www3.co.weber.ut.us/psearch/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.webercountyutah.gov/sheriff/roster/index.php
Property Records: https://www3.co.weber.ut.us/gis/maps/gizmo2/index.html

Washington County: Top City St. George
Recorder’s Office Records: http://eweb.washco.utah.gov:8080/recorder/eagleweb/docSearch.jsp;jsessionid=AB8A0379341FB91912B406F8AC9D4E56
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://news.washeriff.net/divisions/corrections-division/inmate-information/current-inmate-roster/
Property Records GIS: https://www.washco.utah.gov/departments/gis/map-inventory/

Cache County: Top City Logan
Recorder’s Office Records: https://core.cachecounty.org/Search/Public
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.cachesheriff.org/news/inmate-roster.html
Property Records: https://www.cachecounty.org/gis/map-viewers.html

Difference between a Utah state and nationwide background check?

Not surprisingly, nationwide background checks offer more information than state background checks. However, many opt for the latter because they’re easier to perform. If you’d like a more thorough examination, a nationwide check is your best bet.

What shows up on a Utah background check?

There’s no cookie-cutter answer to this question. Depending on the search that was conducted, a variety of information can be generated. Below is an overview of some of the most commonly sought-after and provided data.
Driving records
Sex offenses
Credit reports
Social media profiles
Court records

How long does a Utah background check take?

Unless you’re performing an online portal search, background checks can take several weeks to come back. The more information you’ve requested, the longer you’ll have to wait for the results. Some other factors include courthouse processing times and location.

How far back does a Utah background check go?

This hinges entirely on the record being requested. Though the FCRA enables criminal records to be reported at any given time, they do set parameters on other documents. Bankruptcies are one such example. These files can’t be published after a decade. Moreover, some states abide by the seven-year policy. This rule is as straightforward as it appears and dictates that some reports can’t be published after seven years.

How do I find free Utah state public records online?

Many maintain that acquiring free online records is simple when going through the proper channels. County offices are a great start. These include property appraisers and similar establishments. Typically, information can be found when searched through an online portal. If they omit this information from their website, they likely don’t offer it free of charge.

How can I do a free Utah background check?

Your starting point should be public records. Finding this information is as simple as scouring your state’s official government website. Before you begin, you’ll want to have a list of all of the states that the person you’re looking into has lived in. From there, some data you’ll want to look out for include bankruptcies, civil judgments, and debts.

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