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What is a New Mexico Background Check?

Background checks provide an individual with the opportunity to understand a wide range of details about a person such as their previous criminal record, court appearances, and details about property that they have owned. Often times, employers and organization directors choose to use background checks when they are planning to hire someone or accept them for a position; however, individuals can also use background checks to learn more about potential dates, new neighbors, or someone who wants to become a business partner. While a background check does not guarantee that someone is trustworthy, it does provide a good overview of their past behaviors.

What are New Mexico Public Records?

In New Mexico, some documents and information are kept indefinitely after being written and filed by a government official. These records are public and can often be viewed simply by asking to see them; however, others can only be viewed under certain cases since they have eligibility requirements. Some records are completely confidential, but most New Mexico public records can be viewed with a little bit of work.

New Mexico Official Background Check and New Mexico Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: New Mexico offers a free statewide court record search at District, magistrate, and municipal information is available with some exceptions.

Recorder’s Office Records: No statewide system is available for statewide recorded records. Some counties offer the information direct. (see county records below)

Criminal Records: There’s no online system to do a criminal statewide background check. A form would need to be submitted manually at The cost is $15 per records check.

Driving Records: Individuals are able to request their own individual driving records online at Anothers would need to set up an account with an annual fee at

Business Lookup: Lookup business by owners name or business name at free of charge.

Incarceration Records: New Mexico corrections department inmate offender search is available at

Sexual Offender Registry: Search sex offenders by name or address. See

Official Resources for Top Counties in New Mexico.

Bernalillo County: Top City Albuquerque
Public Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records GIS:

Dona Ana County: Top City Las Cruces
Public Records:
Arrest / Inmates Records:
Property Records:

Santa Fe County: Top City Santa Fe
Public Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records GIS:

Sandoval County: Top City Bernalillo
Recorder’s Office Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records GIS:

San Juan County: Top City Aztec
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Difference Between a New Mexico State and Nationwide Background Check?

When you are going through a background check that targets New Mexico, you will be investigating crimes and records that happened in that state alone. In comparison, a nationwide check or one that spanned across several states would reveal results that were broader and more far-reaching.

What Shows Up on New Mexico Background Checks?

The details that become available through a background check vary greatly depending on the type of check that is completed. Generally, the following show up on typical checks:
Arrest records
Court records
Convictions of crimes
Sex offenses
Driving records
Jail records
Previous places of employment
Credit history
Education background
Personal information
Social media presence

How Long Does a New Mexico Background Check Take?

In most cases, you can expect to receive the completed background check within 3-5 days; however, it can take longer than that if you are asking for more in-depth details. Your location and the hours of your courthouse can also play a role in delays.

How Far Back Do New Mexico Background Checks Go?

You may find that the results of your background check do not go as far back as you had hoped. Some states have specific rules that make it impossible to obtain information about a person’s criminal history that goes back farther than seven years, while others allow you to see as far back in the past as you want.

How Do I Find Free New Mexico Public Records Online?

If you don’t feel like running a background check, you can still discover a lot about a person’s history using online public records. These records can be accessed through local state resources like inmate roosters, the sheriff’s website, and others.

How Can I Do a Free New Mexico Background Check?

If you want to obtain a background check on someone in New Mexico without paying expensive fees, your best option is to investigate your state criminal records. You can look up online court records using your local state or county website, and then follow up with the results by talking to authorities to ensure that the online details are correct. The National Sex Offender Public Website also provides details about those who have been convicted of sex crimes.

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