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What is an Arizona Background Check?

When someone is about to hire, date, or partner with an individual, they usually want to get a good understanding of who they are. A background check makes this possible. An Arizona background check helps you discover details about an individual such as their criminal history, property records, arrests, and personal details. Rather than being used to slander an individual, background checks simply provide peace of mind and the ability to make wise decisions.

What are Arizona Public Records?

This comes as a shock to many people in Arizona, but it is truly easy to find out a lot about one’s background by doing simple searches. Public record databases can be accessed by anyone, and a lot of the details are even available online. While the details included in these files are personal, they are still open for anyone to view.
Arizona’s Public Records Law – A.R.S. §§ 39-121 through 39-161

Difference between a Arizona and nationwide background check?

Some people are confused about the difference a background check that is specific to Arizona and a check that will cover the entire county. The difference is simple – if you are looking in a specific state, it means that you will only see what an individual has done while living in that area. On the other hand, a nationwide background check will reveal their history regardless of where they have lived.

Arizona Official Background Check and Public Record State Resources.

Arizona Court Records (Administrative Office of the Courts AOC): Public access to court information in Arizona is done at however Maricopa and Pima counties are not included in that database and need to accessed directly at the county level. Maricopa county civil court case search can be done at and Pima county can be done at

Arizona Criminal Records: Arizona doesn’t have an online source specifically for criminal background checks. They do have an instructions page on how to do it manually for employers and finger print based background checks at

Arizona Motor Vehicle Record: Fee for obtaining an MVR record online is $3 at

Arizona Business Lookup: The system to search business records is Arizona is called eCorp. The search can be complete at with a business name or the owners name.

Arizona Incarceration Records: Arizona department of corrections (ADC) provides access to prison inmate data at

Arizona Sexual Offender Registry: Offender search can be completed with a name or address/location radius at there’s also an option to get alerts anytime an offer is registered or moves into a selected neighborhood.

Top 10 Arizona County Resources.

Maricopa County: Top City Phoenix
Court Records: Countywide court check can be done at using a name or case number. For more complete records a terminal check should be done at the specific courthouse directly.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Jail inmates can be searched at and mugshots can be found at
Property Records: Search using the map or parcel number at

Pima County: Top City Tucson
Court Records: Docket information for traffic, criminal, and civil information can be found at search can be done by name or case number. For more detailed record go to there is a fee for more detailed reports.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Inmates can be a lookup using the last name at
Property Records: Parcel information search can be done with the taxpayers name or address at

Pinal County: Top City Florence
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Search individuals currently incarcerated by the county jail at mugshots can be viewed at
Property Records: Search by APN or Address at

Yavapai County: Top City Prescott
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Find people who have been booked at the county jail at
Property Records: Search can be done with parcel number, address, owners name, and subdivision at

Mohave County: Top City Kingman
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Yuma County: Top City Yuma
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Jail inmate inquiries can be done at see today’s bookings and also sort by arrest date.
Property Records:

Coconino County: Top City Flagstaff
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: None
Property Records:

Cochise County: Top City Bisbee
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Sheriff’s department provides a current pdf file of mugshots and current inmates at
Property Records: Search by address or place at

Navajo County: Top City Holbrook
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Housed inmates report is available at
Property Records: Property tax map search is at

Apache County: Top City St. Johns
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: None
Property Records: county parcel viewer is at

What shows up on a Arizona background check?

The results of a background check will vary significantly, depending on the type of check that is run. Usually, background checks involve the following information:
Arrest records
Court appearances
Criminal convictions
Sex offenses
Arrest warrants
Jail records
Driving citations
Personal information
Credit history
Employment history
Social media presence
Educational background

How long does an Arizona background check take?

The time it takes to complete a background check varies depending on what you are searching for and where you are located. Sometimes these can take between three to five days, but may be much longer. Those who choose to do online searches can receive results immediately; those who go to the courthouse will have to check about the times when it is open and when their requests can be processed.

How far back do Arizona background checks go?

Each state has its own rules and regulations involving checking up on someone’s history. Some states make it possible to look back at details for the duration of an individuals life, while others make criminal offenses private if they happened longer than seven years in the past.

How do I find free Arizona public records online?

You can find many of the details in a background check with the use of online state resources. Individual jail listings, sheriff websites, and court databases can help you locate information about court cases and arrests.

How can I do free Arizona background checks?

Since you may not want to pay for a background check, you can choose to do the work yourself and receive the same results with little to no cost. By accessing public records, you can discover a wide range of details about a person, giving you a complete overview of their history. You can search many records online, while others may require a trip to your local courthouse to manually access the details.

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