North Dakota background check and North Dakota public records

North Dakota Background Check and North Dakota Public Records

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What is a North Dakota Background Check?

North Dakota background checks are an easy way to verify someone’s identity and to assess their integrity. It involves putting that person’s name into one or more databases and seeing what comes up. Some common information retrieved includes criminal history, property records, court judgements, address history, bankruptcies, and liens. There is no single database that contains all of that information since everyone has a different reason for conducting a background check.

What are North Dakota Public Records?

Public records in North Dakota contain information or documents that the law requires a government agency or officer to keep and maintain. They can also be documents filed with a government agency or office by a private party. Most records are available to everyone. However, some documents are confidential, and others are only accessible if you meet certain requirements. You can find a wide assortment of information and documents when doing a public records check.

North Dakota Official Background Check and North Dakota Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: North Dakota offers a statewide court search portal in which all district and 16 municipal courts participate in. See Records which can be searched include civil, criminal, probate, traffic, family cases and judgments.

Recorder’s Office Records: North Dakota Recorders Information Network (NDRIN) offers a central system for searching recorded documents. The cost is $25 a month and $1 for per page printed. See

Criminal Records: Criminal background check in North Dakota can be done by manually submitting a form. Both a name-based and fingerprintbased checks are available at The cost is $15 and the turn around time is 7 to 10 business day.

Driving Records: Drivers license status can be checked for free at The second option is $3 and has some limitations: see

Business Lookup: Search business records by business name or owners name for free at

Incarceration Records: North Dakota corrections and rehabilitation prison records can be seen free of cost at

Sexual Offender Registry: Search can be done by a list of all offender or by doing a map search. See

Official Resources for Top Counties in North Dakota.

Cass County: Top City Fargo
Court Records:
Recorder’s Office Records:
Arrest / Jail Inmate Records:
Property Records: Fargo records and west fargo at

Burleigh County: Top City Bismarck
Court Records:
Recorder’s Office Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Warrant List:
Property Records:

Grand Forks County: Top City Grand Forks
Court Records:
Recorder’s Office Records:
Property Records:

Ward County: Top City Minot
Court Records:
Arrest / Current Inmate Records:
Property Records:

Morton County: Top City Mandan
Court Records:
Property Records:

Difference between a North Dakota state and nationwide background check?

Searches done at the state level involve records available from criminal histories available from official state repositories. It shows crimes committed within the state. A national-level search includes information from multiple states.

What shows up on North Dakota background checks?

The type of information you get from a background check depends on what type it is. Here is a list of common items included in background checks:

Arrest record
Criminal convictions
Sexual offenses
Prison and jail records
Credit history
Driving history
Personal information
Employer verification
Education background
Social media presence

How long does a North Dakota background check take?

A typical background check takes between three and five business days. A check can take longer to conduct depending on a few things, such as how in depth it needs to be, its geographical location, and how the courthouse works. Some checks take only a few minutes, while others can take two weeks or longer.

How far back do North Dakota background checks go?

The history available for a background check will vary based on the record type and location. Each state has its own laws regarding the criminal history that can be used in background checks. In many states, criminal history older than seven years cannot be included in a background check. Some states have no limits.

How do I find free North Dakota public records online?

You can start your search for free North Dakota public records by using statewide resources. For example, the local sheriff’s office website may offer free arrest record information at the county level. A bit of exploring will show you the different free public record resources available at the county and state level.

How can I do a free North Dakota background check?

You can conduct a free background check in North Dakota by looking at state criminal records. By law, court cases are public record. You can go to an official state or county website to find out if someone is involved in a criminal or civil matter. If you find someone’s name, you can contact local officials to verify the information. Always check the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW). It’s a government system that connect all sex offender registries into a single search. It makes it easy to find out who is a registered sex offender and where that person lives.

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