New Hampshire background check and New Hampshire public records

New Hampshire Background Check and New Hampshire Public Records

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What is a New Hampshire Background Check?

A background check is the procedure by which public records are used to find data on someone’s personal history. Employers often do background checks to determine someone’s eligibility and suitability for work. Jobs that require a high level of security, such as government employment, are more likely to require a background check. Background checks may be run by commercial companies or by individual people seeking information.

What is a New Hampshire Public Records?

Public records for the state are non-confidential documents pertaining to an individual’s history that are available publicly in New Hampshire. Everyone leaves a paper trail of information throughout their lives, whether he realizes it or not. While some information may be protected by a state or federal privacy law or confidentiality exemption, from births to deaths and marriages to divorces, many of these records are available for public viewing.

New Jersey Official Background Check and New Jersey Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: New Jersey offers multiple portals for specific court records. For criminal dockets see For civil dockets see For civil judgments and liens see

Recorder’s Office Records: Civil judgement liends can be found by name or docket number for free at New Jersey doesnt have a statewide recorded documents system. But most counties offers a direct search portal at the local level.

Criminal Records: See and

Driving Records: Request Your Driver History Abstract at

Incarceration Records: New Jersey Department of Corrections updates this information on a biweekly basis to ensure that it is complete and accurate as possible.

Sexual Offender Registry:

New Hampshire Official Background Check and New Hampshire Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: No statewide online system.

Criminal Records: No online portal for criminal background checks. Requests can be made by using state provided forms. See

Incarceration Records: New Hampshire Department of Corrections (DOC) Inmate Locator is at

Sexual Offender Registry: Search by name or address at

Official Resources for Top Counties in New Hampshire.

Hillsborough County: Top City Manchester and Nashua
Recorder’s Office Records:!/search
Property Records:

Rockingham County: Top City Brentwood
Recorder’s Office Records:!/search
Property Records:

Merrimack County: Top City Concord
Recorder’s Office Records:
Property Records:

Strafford County: Top City Dover
Recorder’s Office Records:!/search
Property Records:

Difference between a New Hampshire state and nationwide background check?

If you need information from more than one state, or dating back further than what is available within the state, you will most likely need to do a nationwide background check. Statewide checks are easier to do, but they are more limited. People often move every five to six years, which can make it impossible to find all the information you need doing only a statewide check.

What shows up on a New Hampshire background check?

What information shows up on a background check will depend on the purpose of the check. Job applicants and new tenants are often required to pass background checks. Background checks are also used by individuals to learn about new acquaintances, potential dates, and neighbors.

How long do New Hampshire background checks take?

Some online background checks may be completed very quickly. However, depending on the information needed and the method used to check records, other background checks may take days, or even weeks, to be completed. Local courthouses and county clerks offices may take longer than online background checks to return information.

How far back does a New Hampshire background check go?

How far a background check goes back differs based on the type of check being done. Criminal records involving convictions do not have a time limit, although many states will stop after seven years. Some records, such as bankruptcies and tax liens, do have specific time limits set by the FCERA.

How do I find free New Hampshire public records online?

To find free public records in New Hampshire, one of the easiest places to start is through county agencies. Property appraisers offices, county clerks and courthouses may all be able to help locally but should also have Websites that can be used to search public records. Most property ownership records are available for free to the public in some format.

How can I do free New Hampshire background checks?

A free background check can easily be done by beginning with public records. Many private detectives start with public records because they offer a large amount of free information. The Websites of local government offices, such as the county clerk or the court house, can be used to search for information on specific people, and all of this data is available for free.

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