Maine background check and Maine public records

Maine Background Check and Maine Public Records

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What is a Maine Background Check?

In simple terms, it’s a process of investigating and compiling details from the personal history of a resident of Maine. Criminal records, property ownership records, credit histories and sex offender registrations are just a few of the details a background check can uncover. There are many reasons to perform a background check on someone, but they are generally used to help someone decide if a personal or professional relationship is right by validating or dismissing concerns. They are often used to investigate an employee, neighbors, romantic partners or potential dates.

What are Maine Public Records?

Maine public records consist of all information and documents that are kept as dictated by state laws. All records filed by a state government agency, for example, fall under the domain of public records. Many of these records are available upon request to any interested party, but certain sensitive documents are confidential or can only be viewed by people who meet specific eligibility requirements. A public records request is usually the first and most crucial step in a thorough background check.

Maine Official Background Check and Maine Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Maine doesn’t offer an online system for court records. The state has an option to get records by manually submitting a form. More information can be found at

Recorder’s Office Records: Official Land Records Website of the Maine Registers of Deeds Association is at The Maine Registers of Deeds Association is providing this official Statewide Single Web Portal through which the public can access and make copies of land records on file at the State of Maine’s 18 county Registries of Deeds.

Criminal Records: Statewide criminal records can be requested at The fee for non subscribers is $31. Information needed for the report is subjects full name and date of birth. Most searches are done and returned within 2 hours.

Driving Records: Maine provides a driving record check service at The cost is $7 for a 3 year record and $12 for a 10 year record. To use the search a license number is needed or name and date of birth.

Business Lookup: Corporate name search is done at

Incarceration Records: Maine department of corrections adult prisoner and probation records can be viewed for free at

Sexual Offender Registry: Sex offender registry can by searched by the individuals name, city/town, or zip code. See

Official Resources for Top Counties in Maine.

Cumberland County Background Check: Top City Portland
Recorder’s Office Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Access a list of the inmates currently housed at the Cumberland County Jail at

York County Public Records: Top City Alfred
Recorder’s Office Records: York County Maine Registry of Deeds
Department at
Property Records:

Penobscot County Background Check: Top City Bangor
Recorder’s Office Records: The Registry of Deeds presents information as a service to the public at
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Kennebec County Public Records: Top City Augusta
Recorder’s Office Records:

Androscoggin County Background Check: Top City Auburn
Recorder’s Office Records:
Property Records:

Differences Between State Maine Background Checks and Nationwide Background Checks

Maine State background checks will be limited to information available through state and county resources, but because of their limited scope they are also easier and faster than national background checks. A nationwide check is much more thorough. It will cover criminal offenses and other records from all states the person has previously lived in.

What Shows Up in a Maine Background Check?

Exactly what details you uncover depends on the type of background check and the searcher’s qualifications. However, some aspects of a resident’s personal history will show up in just about any background check. Criminal history documents, such as court records, incarceration records, warrants and convictions, are usually available to anyone upon request, including misdemeanors, sex offenses and other felonies. Credit reports, driving records and employment records are also widely available. It’s worth noting that anyone interested in performing a background check can also do basic research using the social media accounts of the person in question. Social media usually lists a person’s educational history, work history, residence and contact information at the very least.

How Long Does a Maine Background Check Take?

If you aren’t using an online portal search, results of a background check in Maine probably won’t be returned right away. Courthouses and other institutions have to process search requests before fulfilling them, which can take days or even weeks depending on the circumstances. If any of the records are old enough to be archived, for example, it will likely take longer to get your results.

How Far Back Does a Maine Background Check Go?

The length of time a background check covers is dependent on the state and the records being requested. In some states, criminal records older than seven years can’t be obtained, while other states have no limit. Other files, such as employment records, will be available in just about all cases.

How Can I Find Free Maine Public Records Online?

You can access Maine public records online for free using several Maine state resources. Your local sheriff’s office website can generally be used to find arrest records, for example, while there are also a variety of public records available using county-level resources.

How Can I Do a Free Maine Background Check?

If you want to avoid hiring a background check service, you can obtain plenty of public records information for free by doing your own research. Start by searching the state government websites for every state the person in question has lived in, then go deeper by checking county and city-level law enforcement sights for past criminal convictions. You can also look into civil judgements such as court orders and bankruptcy filings.

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