Vermont background check and Vermont public records

Vermont Background Check and Vermont Public Records

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What is a Vermont Background Check?

A background check in Vermont is a fast way to verify important information concerning various individuals. The process involves entering an individual’s name into one or multiple database systems, most of which vary from one system to the other. However, the majority of them include information such as the date of birth, address history, criminal records, property records, bankruptcies, judgments, and liens. Because background checks are performed for different reasons, there’s no standard database that’s considered the one go-to source.

What is a Vermont Public Record?

It may be surprising to learn just how much personal information is available in Vermont’s public records. Mainly because so many people are unaware that so much of their personal information is maintained in public databases that are actually accessible by just about anyone. These records tend to accumulate over time. For example, many government agencies, such as courts and judicial agencies maintain documents that they’ve used for various cases. Even though the documents contain personal information, they’re still considered public records.

Vermont Official Background Check and Vermont Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Statewide system for civil and small claim court records is available at

Recorder’s Office Records: No statewide system for recorded documents. These records are available at the local level. (see county records below)

Criminal Records: A statewide criminal background check is available at The cost is $30 per request.

Driving Records:

Business Lookup:

Incarceration Records: Vermont Department of Corrections is available at

Sexual Offender Registry: Lookup sex offender by name, city, or county at free of charge.

Official Resources for Top Counties in Vermont.

Chittenden County: Top City Burlington
Recorder’s Office Records:
Property Records:

Rutland County: Top City Rutland
Recorder’s Office Records:
Property Records:

Washington County: Top City Montpelier
Property Records:

Difference Between a Vermont State and Nationwide Background Check?

State background checks involve records associated with each state’s official criminal records, whereas nationwide or even multi-state background checks involve all relevant states.

What Shows up on a Vermont Background Check?

Information appears in public records from a wide variety of sources. For example, if you happen to apply for a new job or submit an application to move to a new apartment, you’ll first need to pass a background check. A background check can also be used to obtain information about coworkers, friends, and neighbors. The kind of information that appears on a background report is based on the type of background check being performed.

How long does a Vermont background check take?

The type of information that is needed when performing a background check often determines how long it will take to complete. While some information can be obtained right away, other information may take days or even weeks to obtain.

How far back does a background check go in Vermont?

Vermont public records are typically maintained for seven to 10 years. The FCRA has indicated that non-conviction based criminal records must be reported for up to seven years. However, no set limit has been placed on information associated with criminal convictions according to the FCRA. Most other states within the US use the seven-year-rule as well.

How do I Find Free Vermont Public Records online?

Vermont public records can be obtained for free simply by searching through government agencies directly. Just visit their website or your local county clerk’s office.

How can I do a free Background Check?

If you want to perform a free background check, start by looking at Vermont’s criminal records. Vermont’s court cases are public records, they can be obtained by visiting their official state or county website. In doing so, you can determine whether or not an individual has been involved in a civil or criminal court case. Once this information has been obtained, simply perform a follow up by contacting your local government authorities and confirm whether the information is accurate. A good place to start is the Sex Offenders Registry. Additionally, the National Sex Offenders Public Website (NSOPW) is a government system. It now links all of the sex offender registries together when performing one search. NSOPW also provides information about the location associated with each sexual offense.

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