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What is an Alabama background check?

A big part of an Alabama background check is a detailed compilation of public records to discover any documented history about an individual. These Alabama background checks most often are done to find out whether an individual can be trusted with particular tasks or people. These checks carry more weight when the purpose of one is more sensitive. A background check in Alabama can be run for business concerns or for individual needs.

What are Alabama public records?

Alabama public records can be looked at as any information developed by a government agency and maintained by the government. In fact, the government is required by law to keep and maintain the records. The majority of public records are open to anyone that asks for them. These records can have eligibility requirements or they can be confidential. A public records request can secure many of these documents.
Alabama Open Records Law – Section 36-12-40

Alabama Official Background Check and Public Record State Resources.

Alabama Court Records: Main state portal can be found at Types of searches allowed are a name search and case number search. The cost for a name search is $9.99 and includes one case lookup. An additional $9.99 is charged per case thereafter.
Case types included: Civil cases both circuit and district, Domestic, Child Support, Criminal Cases both circuit and district, Traffic / Driving records, Warrants, and Trial Court Dockets.

Alabama Criminal Records (ABC Alabama Background Check System): The ABC system is made to be used by qualifying employers. Links are and Cost to use the system includes an annual fee of $95 and a $15 per search fee after.

Alabama Driving Records and Transportation-Related Searches.
Driver License Search: Users must be approved and there is a $10 fee per record. Official Link at –
Title Records Search: The cost is $6 per report. Official URL at –
Vehicle Registration Search: The cost is $6 per report. Official URL at –
Abandoned Motor Vehicle Records: The cost per report is $12. Official URL at –
Crash Reports: Alabama law enforcemnet agency provides accident reports at a cost of $17 and can be found at

Alabama Business Lookup: Business entities can be searched by name or entity number at and can be done free of cost.

Incarceration Records (Alabama Department of Corrections ADOC): Alabama offers records of currently incarcerated inmates online at the inmate search can be done using first/last names or an AIS number. These are prison records and dont include local county arrests.

Alabama Sexual Offender Registry: The state offers a sex offender search for free at The search can be done using a name or an address radius search can be done to look up local neighborhoods.

Official Resources for Top 10 Counties in Alabama.

Jefferson County: Top city Birmingham
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: booking information is free.
Property Records: Citizen access portal can be found at

Mobile County: Top city Mobile
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: The sheriff’s department offers a 24-hour booking list with photos at and a more comprehensive list of who’s in jail at without photos.
Property Records:

Madison County: Top city Huntsville
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Inmate search can be done by name or booking date. Current and released inmates can be seen at
Property Records: Property records can be viewed with a map or by entering the owner’s name –

Montgomery County: Top city Montgomery
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: County jail and warrant search can be done at
Property Records: House records can be looked up using an address or the owner‘s name free of cost at

Baldwin County: Top city Bay Minette
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Default page view provides booking for the past 24 hours but a more comprehensive inmate background check search can be done by using names and booking dates at
Property Records: Search can be done by address or place at

Shelby County: Top city Columbiana
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Inmate arrest records can be searched by current and released in the last thirty days at
Property Records: Search property records using the map or find information by using the owners name at

Tuscaloosa County: Top city Tuscaloosa
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Arrest database provides both inmate and warrant search information at
Property Records: The county provides a search more conviniante for home computer and mobile. Records can be found using owner name or address at

Lee County: Top city Opelika
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Lee county detention facility offers searches by name or view all inmates. Records go as far back as 2017 and can be researched at Records: Both mobile and desktop versions of the map are available at

Morgan County: Top city Decatur
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Inmate inquiry can be done at
Property Records:

Calhoun County: Top city Anniston
Court Records: $9.99 per search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Inmate rooster goes back to 2017 and can be search by name at and warrent check can be done at
Property Records:

Difference between a Alabama state Backgrund Check and nationwide background check?

Alabama state background checks only searches for state’s official criminal records, while a national or multi-state check would search records from many different states.

What shows up on an Alabama background check?

It does not matter if you are looking for a new car, a new job, or a different apartment, you will probably have to endure a background check. Background checks may be used to find out about new friends, neighbors, etc. You may wonder what kind of information will show on these checks. That all depends upon the type of background check run.

How long does a Alabama background check take?

This also depends upon the type of information that you want. For example, sometimes criminal convictions are reported at any time. There are, however, time limits on certain records. Bankruptcies come off one’s record after ten years, while tax debts “come off” seven years after payment.

How do I find free Alabama public records online?

In this situation, one probably needs to begin with the county. There are many local agencies where getting these public records is very simple. One of these agencies is the property appraiser’s office and its website. At this website, one can search property records and owner information at no cost.

How can I do a free Alabama background search?

Begin your search with public records, namely court information. Go to your counties courthouse and use a special terminal to background check someone. Search every state the individual that you are checking has lived in. Additionally, you should check state and local felony and misdemeanor convictions. These results can include bankruptcies and other court orders.

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