Louisiana Background Check and Louisiana Public Records

Louisiana Background Check and Louisiana Public Records

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What is a Louisiana Background Check?

If you need to quickly verify a person’s character and personal information, you can input the person’s name into one or more of Louisiana’s background check databases. Different databases yield different types of information on the person in the search query. Typical types of information you’ll find include property records; history of addresses; date of birth; criminal records; and financials like liens, bankruptcies, and judgments. The specific source for the database used is largely based on the reason behind the background check, including for pre-employment criteria, tenant screening, volunteer screening, and security clearance.

What is a Louisiana Public Record?

Documents labeled public record means that the information contained within is open to be viewed by the public, even if said record has personal information. Documents related to court systems and government agencies are examples of public records.

Louisiana Official Background Check and Louisiana Public Records State Resources.

Court Records: Louisiana doesn‘t offer a statewide court records portal. Some parishes provide records at the local level (see below).

Recorder’s Office Records: To view recorded mortgages and other property details Louisiana uses a system called LCRAA Louisiana clerks remote access athority at https://laclerksportal.org/.

Criminal Records: Athorised agencies can get a criminal background check in Louisiana at https://ibc.dps.louisiana.gov/program.aspx. The cost is $26.

Driving Records: Individuals are able to view their own driving records at https://dps.expresslane.org/officialdrivingrecord. The other option is for high users doing at least 2000 searches per month.

Business Lookup: Search can by done by business name or officer/agent name at https://coraweb.sos.la.gov/commercialsearch/commercialsearch.aspx.

Sexual Offender Registry: http://www.icrimewatch.net/index.php?AgencyID=54450 search can be done by name, address radius, phone number, email, and others.

Official Resources for Top Parishes in Louisiana.

East Baton Rouge Parish: Top City Baton Rouge
Court Records: Online access is available for civil and criminal records. There is a fee of $50 per month to get a password to access the system. See http://www.ebrclerkofcourt.org/Online-Access-Services
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Parish inmate list is located at https://www.ebrso.org/Parish-Prison-Inmate-List/PrisonInmateListApp
Property Records: See https://city.brla.gov/gis/propertylookup.asp. The database includes property records for the cities of Baker, Baton Rouge, Central, and Zachary, as well as the unincorporated area of East Baton Rouge Parish.

Jefferson Parish: Top City Gretna
Court Records: Jefferson parish uses a system called JeffNet and is an internet-based service sponsored by the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court since 2004 that allows access to property, civil, criminal and other public records maintained by the Clerk’s Office. Set up fee is $100 and $50 per month after. See https://www.jpclerkofcourt.us/jeffnet-login/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Online inmate search https://www.jpso.com/295/Online-Inmate-Search
Property Records: Search by owner name or address at https://www.jpassessor.com/property-search

Orleans Parish: Top City New Orleans
Court Records: Criminal District Court Docket Master Search http://www.opcso.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=738 and a more detailed paid option is at http://www.orleanscivilclerk.com/onlinerecords.html
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.opcso.org/inmate/inmate.php
Property Records: http://nolaassessor.com/

Caddo Parish: Top City Shreveport
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.caddosheriff.org/inmates/
Property Records: https://www.actdatascout.com/RealProperty/Louisiana/Caddo

St. Tammany Parish: Top City Covington
Court Records: https://ssl.sttammanyclerk.org/securenew/login.asp
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.stpso.com/site/inmates/current
Property Records: https://atlas.geoportalmaps.com/st_tammany

Lafayette Parish: Top City Lafayette
Court Records: https://www.lpclerk.com/onlineRecords.cfm
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://jades.lafayettesheriff.com:8888/
Property Records: http://www.lafayetteassessor.com/Property/RealEstateSearch

Calcasieu Parish: Top City Lake Charles
Property Records: http://www.calcasieuassessor.org/Search

Ouachita Parish: Top City Monroe
Court Records: https://cotthosting.com/laouachita/User/Login.aspx
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.opso.net:8080/OPSO
Property Records: https://www.actdatascout.com/RealProperty/Louisiana/Ouachita

Rapides Parish: Top City Alexandria
Court Records: https://rapidesclerkonline.org/pgm/wwpwd.pgm
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.rpso.org/inmates
Property Records: https://www.actdatascout.com/RealProperty/Louisiana/Rapides

Livingston Parish: Top City Livingston
Court Records: https://cotthosting.com/LALPCOCExternal/User/Login.aspx
Property Records: https://atlas.geoportalmaps.com/livingston

Tangipahoa Parish: Top City Amite
Court Records: https://cotthosting.com/LATangipahoa/User/Login.aspx

Bossier Parish: Top City Benton
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.bossiersheriff.com/inmate-search/
Property Records: https://bossier.smartcama.com/Assessments/Search

Terrebonne Parish: Top City Houma
Court Records: https://search.terrebonneclerk.org/external/User/Login.aspx
Property Records: http://www.tpassessor.org/Search

Ascension Parish: Top City Donaldsonville
Court Records: https://online.ascensionclerk.com/noauth.html
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records: http://www.ascensionassessor.com/Search

Difference between a Louisiana state and nationwide background check?

Researching records on a state level will limit the number of informational resources and only yield information applicable to that particular state. It’s faster, but it’s also not as inclusive as a national background check. Given the average person moves at least once during the look-back period of a background check, it’s wise to complete a nationwide background check, too. Nationwide background checks will return results for all states, not just one.

What shows up on a Louisiana background check?

Background checks can occasionally be so inclusive as to check for every record available on the subject. In other incidences, it may be more targeted to a specific interest. It all depends on what you need. For example, you may only need a person’s criminal history for your purposes. In that case, a criminal background check would offer arrests, convictions, warrants, and so forth. In other cases, such as a pre-employment background check, the screening may include verification of identity, education, and character references in addition to the subject’s criminal history.

How long does a Louisiana background check take?

The turnaround time on a background check depends upon a number of factors, including the depth and extensiveness of the search and the specific courthouse’s internal policies and procedures. This means that you can get your results within minutes or wait weeks. On average, though, you can expect most standard checks to be returned within three to five business days.

How far back do Louisiana background checks go?

This is another facet that largely depends on the type of information/record you’re seeking. Most background checks cover the last seven to ten years of the subject’s life, particularly when it comes to financials and criminal history. The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) only allows non-criminal information to be reported for up to seven years. Most states follow the same seven-year standard when it comes to keeping criminal convictions on public record.

How do I find free Louisiana public records online?

This free source of public records is available through various state-based government agencies. If you’re looking for free public court records, for example, then you can visit the office or website of the local county clerk.

How can I do free Louisiana background checks?

In Louisiana, your best bet for a completely free background check is the DIY approach by accessing public records. It’s a tool that’s used by independent novices and professional investigators alike for a vast amount of free, quick, and valuable information on a subject of interest. Many local offices have an online public record portal that makes access to the information you need as easy as typing in the location and name of the subject of the background check.

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