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What is an Arkansas Background Check?

A background check is a method of investigating the identity or history of a person. The process involves compiling information on a person by scanning one or more databases of public records. These databases may include criminal records, court cases, business records, and address history. Typically, a background check is performed to verify the integrity of a person before putting them in a position that requires a security clearance or a high level of trust.

What is are Arkansas Public Records?

Arkansas public records are databases of information created by the government related to the activities of an individual. Some records are protected by privacy laws at a state or federal level, but many are not, making a great deal of information available to a person who requests it.

Difference between a Arkansas and nationwide background check?

A state background check only investigates records relevant to activities conducted in that state. Most adults will live in multiple states throughout their lives, so it’s important to follow up in any state where they have had a residence. A nationwide background check draws from the records in all states, and as such takes longer because there is so much more information to examine.

Arkansas Official Background Check and Public Record State Resources.

Arkansas Court Records: Court records in Arkansas can be viewed using this website the website displays how many county courts are participating in the system and from which counties only partial information is available.

Arkansas Criminal Records: Complete online criminal background checks are only available to employers using a system called (INA) Information Network of Arkansas. Employers pay an annual fee of $95 and $22 per search. Source –

Arkansas Driving Records and Transportation-Related Searches: Arkansas drivers can request their own driving records. Prices range from $10 to $13 depending on the record type at

Arkansas Business Lookup: Search businesses for free in the state at for more extensive searching a fee is charged.

Incarceration Records (ADC Arkansas Department of Corrections): Inmate population search portal can be found at search can be done by ADC number or name.

Arkansas Sexual Offender Registry: Offenders can be found by name or by using an address search and doing a radius search at

Official Resources for Top 10 Counties in Arkansas.

Pulaski County: Top city Little Rock
Court Records: Pulaski county public court records can be found at
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Current PCSO detention inmate roster can be viewed at
Property Records: Real estate background search can be done at and

Benton County: Top city Bentonville
Court Records: at
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Jail inmate roster can be searched by name at
Property Records: Brief information regarding an address or the owners name can be found at and a map search can be done at

Sebastian County: Top city Fort Smith and Greenwood
Court Records: Cases and Images after June 2015 can be accessed using justiceweb at
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Inmate inquiries can be done using this portal search can be done with dates or a name.
Property Records: Use the public GIS viewer or myaddress search feature for local public real estate records at

Washington County: Top city Fayetteville
Court Records: at
Arrest / Mugshots Records: A detailed detainee roster can be found at basic arrest information and a mugshots is provided.
Property Records: Land and lien records can be found at to use a gis map search try

Faulkner County: Top city Conway
Court Records: at
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Current inmate roster available at
Property Records: Search by parcel number or owner at

Saline County: Top city Benton
Court Records: at
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Inmate roster available at
Property Records: Look up a real estate information using parcel number, name, or address at

Craighead County: Top city Jonesboro and Lake City
Court Records: No direct online search.
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Jail roster available at

Garland County: Top city Hot Springs
Court Records: at
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Arrest jail records found at
Property Records: County map is at

Jefferson County: Top city Pine Bluff
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Partial criminal background check can done using arrest records at

White County: Top city Searcy
Property Records: at

What shows up on a Arkansas background check?

The nature of the information retrieved by a background check will depend on the type of check being run. A thorough check could draw from all available sources, while a criminal background check will only retrieve information in criminal court records.

How long does a background check take?

The type of background check being run also affects how long the results take. The standard time to complete a background check is 3-5 business days, though some checks may take as little as a few minutes or as long as a few weeks.

How far back does a background check go?

The length of time that records remain available to a background check varies based on the record type. The Fair Credit Reporting Act does not allow bankruptcies to be reported after 10 years have passed, but does not replace such a restriction on criminal convictions. For many types of records, a seven or ten year period is standard.

How do I find free Arkansas public records online?

Public records may be requested from government offices in person or online for free. Starting at the county level, contact local agencies related to the kind of record that you want to retrieve. Court cases and property taxes are a matter of public record, for example. If you locate records about an individual, it’s best to follow up with the relevant authorities to ensure they are accurate.

How can I do a free Arkansas background check?

To conduct a free background check in the state of Arkansas, start by requesting records on the individual from local government agencies. If needed, search at a state, county, and city level for records that may not be found elsewhere. Court cases are a good place to start, but you may also want to check for civil records such as bankruptcies.

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