Ohio background check and Ohio public records

Ohio Background Check and Ohio Public Records

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What is an Ohio Background Check?

Ohio background checks consist of rigorous examinations into a person’s past. By digging into the entrails of an individual’s life, you can discover everything from their birthplace to their driving records. Background checks help others determine the merit, value, and morals of a person based on their past decisions.

What is an Ohio Public Records?

Ohio public records are documents that federal agencies have made available to the general population. This confidential data is shockingly easy to acquire, and it’s granted upon request. These files serve as a paper trail of your life, outlining everything from your criminal history to social media accounts. However, the law does deem some information too personal to share. This is entirely circumstantial, but if you wish to access classified data, you’ll likely to have to meet state-instituted eligibility requirements.

Ohio Official Background Check and Ohio Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Ohio doesnt have a statewide system for court records. A lot of counties offer court records online direct at the county level. (see county records below)

Recorder’s Office Records: Ohio has a centralized state system with recorded documents coming from 37 counties for fre. See https://www.uslandrecords.com/ohlr3/.

Criminal Records: Criminal background check records can be requisted online with fingerprints using a system called BCI WebCheck. The cost is $22. See https://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Business/Services-for-Business/WebCheck/WebCheck-letter-verifier.

Driving Records: An unofficial 2-year records are available for free. For a 3 year certified copy there’s a cost of $5. See https://services.dps.ohio.gov/BMVOnlineServices/DL/Abstract.

Business Lookup: https://businesssearch.sos.state.oh.us/

Incarceration Records: Ohio department of rehabilitation and correction prison records can be viewed for free at https://appgateway.drc.ohio.gov/OffenderSearch.

Sexual Offender Registry: Sex by address radius and by name. See http://www.icrimewatch.net/index.php?AgencyID=55149.

Official Resources for Top Counties in Ohio.

Franklin County: Top City Columbus
Court Records: Search appeals, civil, criminal, and domestic court records at https://fcdcfcjs.co.franklin.oh.us/CaseInformationOnline/. Also civil, criminal, and traffic search can be done at http://www.fcmcclerk.com/case/search.
Public Records (recorded documents): https://countyfusion5.kofiletech.us/countyweb/login.do?countyname=Franklin
Arrest / Current Inmate Mugshots Records: https://fcsojmsweb.franklincountyohio.gov/Publicview/(S(14knmnmsuo4boqb3t2l4aw0k))/BookingFind.aspx
Property Records: http://property.franklincountyauditor.com/_web/search/commonsearch.aspx?mode=address

Cuyahoga County: Top City Cleveland
Court Records: Civil, Domestic, Criminal, and Court of Appeals records at https://cpdocket.cp.cuyahogacounty.us/Search.aspx
Recorder’s Office Records: https://recorder.cuyahogacounty.us/searchs/generalsearchs.aspx
Property Records: https://myplace.cuyahogacounty.us/

Hamilton County: Top City Cincinnati
Court Records: Search by name https://www.courtclerk.org/records-search/name/
Recorder’s Office Records: https://recordersoffice.hamilton-co.org/hcro-pdi/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.hcso.org/
Property Records: https://wedge.hcauditor.org/

Summit County: Top City Akron
Court Records: http://www.sccjis.co.summit.oh.us/Search.aspx
Recorder’s Office Records: https://eagleweb.summitoh.net/recorder/web/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://co.summitoh.net/sheriff/images/stories/PDFs/ActiveOffenderReport.pdf
Property Records: https://fiscaloffice.summitoh.net/index.php/property-tax-search

Montgomery County: Top City Dayton
Court Records: http://www.clerk.co.montgomery.oh.us/pro/
Recorder’s Office Records: http://public.mcrecorder.org/external/User/Login.aspx
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://mont.miamivalleyjails.org/
Property Records: https://www.mcrealestate.org/search/commonsearch.aspx?mode=address

Lucas County: Top City Toledo
Court Records: https://www.co.lucas.oh.us/99/Dockets-Online
Recorder’s Office Records: http://lcapps.co.lucas.oh.us/PaxWorld5/views/search
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://lcapps.co.lucas.oh.us/ftproot/noris/upload/lcsheriff/data/lccc-bookingsummary.pdf
Property Records: http://icare.co.lucas.oh.us/LucasCare/search/commonsearch.aspx?mode=address

Stark County: Top City Canton
Court Records: https://www.starkcjis.org/#/home
Recorder’s Office Records: https://recordersearch.starkcountyohio.gov/paxworld/
Property Records: http://ddti.starkcountyohio.gov/Search.aspx

Butler County: Top City Hamilton
Court Records: https://pa.butlercountyclerk.org/eservices/home.page.2
Recorder’s Office Records: http://recorder.butlercountyohio.org/search_records/click_here.php
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://butler.miamivalleyjails.org/
Property Records: http://propertysearch.butlercountyohio.org/PT/search/commonsearch.aspx?mode=owner

Lorain County: Top City Elyria
Court Records: http://cp.onlinedockets.com/loraincp/case_dockets/search.aspx
Recorder’s Office Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.loraincountysheriff.com/Page.aspx?id=190
Property Records: http://www.loraincountyauditor.com/gis/

Mahoning County: Top City Youngstown
Court Records: https://ecourts.mahoningcountyoh.gov/eservices/home.page.2
Recorder’s Office Records: https://www.mahoningcountyoh.gov/615/Home-Property
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://pii.mahoningcountyoh.gov/

Lake County: Top City Painesville
Court Records: https://phoenix.lakecountyohio.gov/pa/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.lakecountyohio.gov/sheriffoffice/Sheriffs-Jail-Roster
Property Records: http://www.lake.iviewauditor.com/

Warren County: Top City Lebanon
Court Records: http://countycourt.co.warren.oh.us/BenchmarkCounty/Home.aspx/Search
Recorder’s Office Records: https://www.warrencountyrecorder.com/SearchInfo.aspx
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://warren.miamivalleyjails.org/
Property Records: https://www.wcauditor.org/property_search/search.aspx?searchType=Owner

Trumbull County: Top City Warren
Court Records: https://courts.co.trumbull.oh.us/eservices/home.page.2 and http://cdsearch.co.trumbull.oh.us/recordSearch.php
Recorder’s Office Records: http://records.co.trumbull.oh.us/PAXWorld/default
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://sheriff.co.trumbull.oh.us/sh_ijisinmates.html
Property Records: http://property.co.trumbull.oh.us/Search.aspx

Clermont County: Top City Batavia
Court Records: http://www.clermontclerk.org/case_access.html
Recorder’s Office Records: https://countyfusion2.kofiletech.us/countyweb/login.do?countyname=ClermontOH
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://clermontsheriff.org/jail-inmate-search/
Property Records: https://www.clermontauditor.org/_web/search/commonsearch.aspx?mode=address

Medina County: Top City Medina
Court Records: https://benchmark.medinamunicipalcourt.org/Home.aspx/Search
Recorder’s Office Records: https://recorder.co.medina.oh.us/document-search/
Property Records: https://www.medinacountyauditor.org/property-search.htm

Delaware County: Top City Delaware
Court Records: https://court.co.delaware.oh.us/eservices/home.page.2
Recorder’s Office Records: https://cotthosting.com/ohdelaware/User/Login.aspx
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://sheriff.co.delaware.oh.us/jtlist/
Property Records: https://delaware-auditor-ohio.manatron.com/OwnerSearch.aspx

Licking County: Top City Newark
Court Records: https://www.lcounty.com/TAGCPM.PA.PublicPortal/
Recorder’s Office Records: https://apps.lcounty.com/recorder/paxworld/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://apps.lcounty.com/sheriff/InmateList/
Property Records: https://apps.lcounty.com/maps/taxparcelviewer/default.htm

Greene County: Top City Xenia
Court Records: https://courts.co.greene.oh.us/eservices/home.page.2
Recorder’s Office Records: http://apps.co.greene.oh.us/recorder/disclaimer.aspx
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://miamivalleyjails.org/
Property Records: http://apps.co.greene.oh.us/auditor/ureca/default.aspx

Portage County: Top City Ravenna
Court Records: https://services.portageco.com/eservices/home.page.2
Recorder’s Office Records: http://cotthosting.com/ohportageExternal/LandRecords/protected/SrchQuickName.aspx
Property Records: http://portagecountyauditor.org/

Fairfield County: Top City Lancaster
Court Records: http://www.fcmcourt.org/dockets_case_search
Recorder’s Office Records: https://www.uslandrecords.com/ohlr3/controller
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.co.fairfield.oh.us/Commonpleas/Case-Information-Records-Search.html
Property Records: http://realestate.co.fairfield.oh.us/

Clark County: Top City Springfield
Court Records: https://commonpleas.clarkcountyohio.gov/eservices/home.page.2
Recorder’s Office Records: https://www.ohiorecorders.com/clark/
Arrest / Mugshots Records: http://www.clark.miamivalleyjails.org/
Property Records: http://gis.clarkcountyauditor.org/

Wood County: Top City Bowling Green
Court Records: https://pub.clerkofcourt.co.wood.oh.us/eservices/home.page.2
Recorder’s Office Records: http://woodrcd.co.wood.oh.us/Disclaimer.aspx
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records: http://auditor.co.wood.oh.us/Search.aspx

Richland County: Top City Mansfield
Court Records: https://richlandcourtsoh.us/eservices/home.page.2
Recorder’s Office Records: https://www.uslandrecords.com/ohlr3/controller
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://www.richlandcountyoh.us/index.php/corrections/who-s-in-jail
Property Records: https://www.richlandcountyauditor.org/pt/search/commonsearch.aspx?mode=owner

Wayne County: Top City Wooster
Court Records: https://www.waynecourts.org/disclaimer
Property Records: http://www.waynecountyauditor.org/

Columbiana County: Top City Lisbon
Court Records: https://www.ccclerk.org/case-access
Recorder’s Office Records: https://courts.ccclerk.org/landmarkweb
Property Records: http://oh-columbiana-auditor.publicaccessnow.com/OwnerSearch.aspx

Allen County: Top City Lima
Court Records: https://courtvweb.allencountyohio.com/eservices/home.page.2
Recorder’s Office Records: https://recorderexternal.allencountyohio.com/paxworld/
Property Records: http://allencountyohpropertytax.com/OwnerSearch.aspx

Miami County: Top City Troy
Court Records: https://www.miamicountyohio.gov/684/Public-Access
Arrest / Mugshots Records: https://miami.miamivalleyjails.org/
Property Records: http://www.miamicountyauditor.org/Search.aspx

Ashtabula County: Top City Jefferson
Court Records: http://courts.co.ashtabula.oh.us/eservices/home.page.2;jsessionid=8A6DE153C4F65AD950CEDE611179EDB5
Recorder’s Office Records: http://cotthosting.com/ohashtabula/LandRecords/protected/SrchQuickName.aspx
Property Records: https://auditor.ashtabulacounty.us/PT/Search/Disclaimer.aspx

Difference between an Ohio state and nationwide background check?

Ohio state background checks are significantly less thorough than nationwide ones. Background checks that are performed at the state level are limited and only include happenings that occurred within state lines. Nationwide screenings, on the other hand, provide a more extensive overview.

What shows up on an Ohio background check?

The information displayed on a background check varies from situation to situation. The more in-depth the screening is, the more detailed the background check will be. Typically, this is some information you’ll find on a background check: warrants, sexual assault offenses, arrests, convictions, debt, property records, driving records, and credit reports.

How long does an Ohio background check take?

Processing times hinge on the amount of data that’s been requested and what channel you’re going through. Generally, online portal searches generate immediate results. If you go through a county clerk’s office, sheriff’s office, or similar establishment, the screening will likely take longer to process.

How far back does an Ohio background check go?

If you’re looking into an individual’s non-conviction criminal background, you won’t receive information that goes back more than seven years. This ruling is better known as the seven-year role. According to the FCRA, criminal convictions can be published and accessed at any time. In essence, the record type you’ve requested will dictate how dated the information is.

How do I find free Ohio public records online?

Obtaining free public records online is exceedingly simple. Visit the website of either your property appraiser’s office or local police station and begin your search. There’s usually an online portal search available on the front pages, making it easy to browse a wealth of information. Feel free to start by contacting county offices, graduating to federal agencies if you’d like a more comprehensive search.

How can I do a free Ohio background check?

Anything that’s Ohio public record is similar to the information you’d find on a background check. With that said, all you’ll need to do is acquire public records on the individual you’re looking into. Every state has its own government website, and experts suggest that this is a suitable starting point.

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