Kentucky Background Check and Kentucky Public Records

Kentucky Background Check and Kentucky Public Records

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What is a Kentucky Background Check?

A background check is a scan of records pertaining to a person’s history and activities. People can request background checks for a variety of personal or commercial purposes, and the purpose of the request usually tailors what kind of information is researched. Databases that may be accessed include court records, address history, employment history, and financial information.

What is a Kentucky Public Record?

Public records comprise documents and information collected by government agencies that is not confidential. Throughout an individual’s activities, the government collects and stores a large amount of data as public record. While some information is protected by privacy regulations, much of it is not.

Kentucky Official Background Check and Kentucky Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Kentucky offers a free search at both civil and criminal records are available in a limited form.

Recorder’s Office Records: Third-party vendor working with local counties called eCCLIX offers a paid option for land records for 30 clerk offices at Some counties offer this information direct for free: see county records below.

Criminal Records: Kentucky offers a self criminal background check for $25 at The request is limited to who can request it (typical this option is used for a self check)

Driving Records: This website allows anyone to request a three-year Driving History Record (DHR) for Kentucky drivers at Cost per record is $3.

Business Lookup: FastTrack business organization search is at

Incarceration Records: Kentucky online offender lookup (prison records)

Sexual Offender Registry: Kentucky State Police provides sex offender registration information to the public through this website

Official Resources for Top Counties in Kentucky.

Jefferson County: Top City Louisville
Court Records:
Recorder’s Office Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Fayette County: Top City Lexington
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Kenton County: Top City Covington and Independence
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Boone County: Top City Burlington
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Warren County: Top City Bowling Green
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Hardin County: Top City Elizabethtown
Court Records: and
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Difference between a Kentucky state and nationwide background check?

State background checks only look for information pertaining to a person’s history in a single state, whereas nationwide background checks search records in all states. A background check in the state of Kentucky will be quicker and easier than a nationwide check, but because most adults move multiple times in their lives, a nationwide check will be more complete.

What shows up on a background check?

The specific nature of information supplied by a background check will relate to what kind of background check was conducted. In most cases, the request is tailored to information relating to the situation that calls for a background check. Some examples include arrest records, bankruptcies, educational history, address history, date of birth, and business records.

How long does a background check take?

The time to complete a background check varies depending on the depth of the check and the operations of the agencies involved. In some cases, results can be returned very quickly, while in others, archived material or courthouse handling can delay completion for over two weeks. The industry standard for turnaround is three to five business days.

How far back does a Kentucky background check go?

Different kinds of records are retained for different periods of time, according to laws and regulations that can vary by state. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), for example, does not place a time limit on the reporting of criminal convictions. However, a seven-year limit is sometimes imposed at the state level.

How do I find free Kentucky public records online?

Locating public records for free in Kentucky beings with contacting local and state government offices. Many local agencies make searching public records a simple and easy task. County assessors, clerks, and sheriff’s offices are a good place to request records. Some agencies provide online portals such as GIS systems that enable on-demand access to records.

How can I do a free Kentucky background check?

To obtain a background check on someone in the state of Kentucky, you can research their records yourself for free. Start with a state or county website where you can search for an individual’s records to see if they have been implicated in any civil or criminal cases. You can also use the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) to search the databases of all statewide sex offender registries.

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