Virginia background check and Virginia public records

Virginia Background Check and Virginia Public Records

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What is a Virginia Background Check?

An investigation that involves details such as court records, criminal history, and property records is often referred to as a background check in Virginia. People do background checks to find out more about a potential business partner, date, or neighbor, among other reasons. In these instances, a background check can help tremendously when it comes to making tough decisions.

What are Virginia Public Records?

Any document required by law to be kept and maintained are considered Virginia public records. Public records also include those that are filed by any government office or agency. Usually, anyone can have access to public records. However, in some cases records might be confidential or available only to those who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Virginia Official Background Check and Virginia Public Record State Resources.

Court Records:
Circuit court records are available at the system is not centralized and each county needs to be searched separately.
District court records are available at

Recorder’s Office Records: Counties provide recorded documents direct at the local level. (see county record below)

Criminal Records: NCJI system offers a criminal background checks for in state commertial accounts at

Driving Records:

Business Lookup:

Incarceration Records: Search prison/offender records at

Sexual Offender Registry:

Official Resources for Top Counties in Virginia.

Fairfax County: Top City Fairfax
Recorder’s Office Records:

Prince William County: Top City Manassas
Recorder’s Office Records:

Loudoun County: Top City Leesburg
Property Records:

Chesterfield County: Top City Chesterfield
Recorder’s Office Records:

Henrico County: Top City Henrico
Property Records:

Arlington County: Top City Arlington
Property Records:

Stafford County: Top City Stafford
Property Records:

Spotsylvania County: Top City Spotsylvania Courthouse
Property Records:

Albemarle County: Top City Charlottesville
Property Records:

Hanover County: Top City Hanover
Property Records:

Difference between a Virginia state and nationwide background check?

A Virginia state background check will provide information from all counties within the state. A national background check on the other hand is more thorough, and will provide you with information on offenses that may have happened in other states aside from only Virginia.

What shows up on a Virginia back ground check?

That will depend on the type of background check being performed and the reason for having it. A more thorough background check might show every public record available, while others reveal only criminal background information.

How long does a Virginia back ground check take?

It typically takes between three and five business days for a background check. However, a more thorough one could take as long as two weeks. Your geographic location and operating procedures at your county courthouse will largely determine how long the process takes. In some cases, a very simple search could be performed in only a matter of minutes.

How far back does a Virginia back ground check go?

This will depend on the type of background check being performed as well as your location. Each state has its own laws regarding the information background check companies can include on a criminal history report. Some allow up to seven years of history while others have no limit.

How do I find free Virginia public records online?

The best way is by using state resources such as your local sheriff’s website. You’ll find many free public records are available at the county level.

How can I do a free Virginia background check?

By accessing public records. This is the method most often used by private investigators. If they find it effective, chances are you will also. A great deal of information can be garnered from free public records, much of which is invaluable when it comes to determining someone’s background. Through local government offices, you can access a plethora of online information, guaranteeing that the process is totally cost free.

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