Maryland background check and Maryland public records

Maryland Background Check and Maryland Public Records

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What Is a Maryland Background Check?

Background checks in the state of Maryland are research activities whereby public records pertaining to subject individuals are sought, collected and examined. In so doing, those requesting the searches can assess and evaluate the subjects’ fitness and reliability for jobs, levels of access or other responsibilities. In most cases, these investigations relate to positions of authority, requiring admission to secure information and venues, or control over large sums of money. Searches are ordered by public agencies and private companies alike.

What are Maryland Public Records?

Public records are those documents that are not classified, but available to anyone who applies to view them. Most people are unaware of the myriad public records of which they are the issue. Yet these are generated over the span of one’s years. From the birth certificate to the death certificate, everybody–voluntarily or involuntarily–manages to spawn a variety of official paper, often recorded by one level of government or another. Not all records are public; some are afforded the protections of privacy according to state or federal law.

Maryland Official Background Check and Maryland Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Maryland offers a free statewide search of court dockets. See Records include civil, traffic, and criminal records.

Recorder’s Office Records: Maryland statewide recorded documents for 24 court clerks is available at The service is available for free but a registration is required.

Criminal Records: Statewide and FBI background checks are available throught the state. Typical they are used for employement, legal, and individual review purposes. Cost is $31.25 for state/fbi and $18 for state only background checks. This is not an instant online service: see link for instructions

Driving Records: Maryland offers a self driving record check at To perform this Driving Record request you must provide your Driver’s License number and Date of Birth. Non certified record is $9 and a certified record is $12.

Business Lookup: Business entity search can be done online at

Incarceration Records: See Inmate Locator enables members of the public to learn the housing location of inmates committed to the custody of the Commissioner of Correction and currently housed at Division of Correction facilities.

Sexual Offender Registry: See The Maryland Sex Offender Registry is one an important tool that families can use to protect themselves. On this site you will be able to find registered sex offenders living and working near you and be notified of registrants movements.

Official Resources for Top Counties in Maryland.

Montgomery County: Top City Rockville
Court Records:
Recorder’s Office Records: See The public can view all instruments related to land transactions recorded in the Circuit Court Land Records Department.
Property Records: See

Prince George’s County: Top City Upper Marlboro
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: See You can search the inmate database by entering the first and last name in the text boxes provided.
Property Records:

Baltimore County: Top City Towson
Court Records:
Arrest / Mugshots Records: Request Crime and Accident Reports at
Property Records:

Baltimore City.
Court Records:
Most Wanted List:
Accident / Incident Reports:

Anne Arundel County: Top City Annapolis
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Howard County: Top City Ellicott City
Property Records:

Harford County: Top City Bel Air
Property Records:

Frederick County: Top City Frederick
Property Records:

Carroll County: Top City Westminster
Arrest / Mugshots Records:
Property Records:

Charles County: Top City La Plata
Property Records:

Difference between a Maryland state and nationwide background check?

A state background check would reveal information on crimes and activities germane to Maryland, its laws and local ordinances. A federal check yields records from other states, as well.

What shows up on a Maryland background check?

Background checks are routinely ordered by prospective employers and landlords. Yet this service can apply to anyone interested in colleagues, neighbors or friends. The content of the search depends on its nature and its scope.

How long Does a Maryland background check take?

Again, this question goes to the type of background check needed. Some information is available in seconds; other data can take weeks to process.

How far back does a background in Maryland check go?

The depth of history of a given record is likewise dependent on the kind of document involved. For instance, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows for criminal convictions to show up no matter how old they are. Yet states can determine if they will be removed sooner. Bankruptcies disappear after 10 years; tax liens, after seven.

How do I find free Maryland public records online?

Finding free public records for the state of Maryland online is best done, initially, at the county level. Numerous agencies of county and local governments make such searches quick and easy. Perfect examples of this are local property tax appraisers. Information on both the properties and the owners can be obtained on such web pages. Various other county offices post their records on their websites, free for public perusal.

How can I do a free background check in Maryland?

To obtain a free-of-charge background check on someone is possible by locating the appropriate public records. This is the avenue regularly traveled by private investigators so it has proved itself to be a reliable way to proceed. These documents hold a treasure trove of information on most everyone, vastly increasing your knowledge of the individual in question. Local government offices are the first point of contact; they can point you in the right direction with little more than a name and address…and it costs nothing.

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