Delaware Background Check and Delaware Public Records

Delaware Background Check and Delaware Public Records

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What is a Delaware Background Check?

Background checks locate and compile records about a person’s history using public sources. They contribute to identity verification and can validate claims that the person has made about their background. A background check could be run in advance of hiring, renting an apartment, or a variety of other commercial or personal purposes.

What are Delaware Public Records?

Public records comprise a range of data and documents pertaining to a person’s activities. Some types of information about individuals is protected by privacy laws, but many are not. Birth records, business records, court proceedings, and arrest records are some kinds of information contained in public records. On the other hand, medical records are an example of records shielded by privacy regulations.

Difference between a Delaware state and nationwide background check?

State and national background checks vary in scope. A check of records in the state of Delaware will only return information about a person’s activities in that state, whereas a nationwide background check will search for records in all states. Most adults will live in multiple states over the course of their lives, so a nationwide check may return information that would not show up on a statewide background check.

Delaware Official Background Check and Delaware Public Record State Resources.

Court Records: Civil case, Judgements, and Evictions Superior Court records can be looked at for free at

Criminal Records: No online options are available at the state level. Mail in fingerprint type records checks can be done at

Driving Records: Driving records can be accessed online by creating an account at

Business Lookup: Business search can be done with a name search at

Sexual Offender Registry: Offender central search can be done with a name search and neighborhood search at

Official Resources for Top Counties in Delaware.

Kent County: Top City Dover
Court Records:
Recorders Office:
Property Records:

New Castle County: Top City Wilmington
Court Records:
Property Records:

Sussex County: Top City Georgetown
Court Records:
Property Records:

What shows up on a Delaware background check?

Exactly what information will come up on a background check depends on the purpose of running the check in the first place. In most cases, only records relating to specific types of information will be requested, although a very thorough background check could draw off all records available.

How long does a Delaware background check take?

The length of time before the results of a background check are returned varies depending on the type of check performed and the location of the records requested. Records that are archived or require special handling by the agency in charge of them could take longer to retrieve, while some digital databases can provide results in a few minutes. The industry standard is three to five business days to complete a background check.

How far back does a Delaware background check go?

A good general rule for how far back a background check looks is seven to ten years. Some records are regulated at a state or federal level and can only be retrieved as far back as seven years, though the laws vary from state to state. Some kinds of records are not protected at all.

How do I find free Delaware public records online?

Public records can be accessed by contacting a government agency. Your local records may be available through a county courthouse, assessor’s office, county clerk, or other agency website. You can contact the sheriff’s office for information like arrest and incarceration records.

How can I do a free Delaware background check?

You can obtain a background check on someone for free by compiling the records yourself from public sources. State criminal records and local court proceedings will give you information about whether an individual has been involved in civil or criminal charges. The National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) links all state sex offender registries into a single database. If you find records on a person, follow up with the appropriate authorities to ensure they are accurate.

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