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Montana Jail Vs MT DOC Inmate Search

A jail’s essential function is to accommodate individuals who have supposedly perpetrated a crime, along with anyone who has been charged with criminal acts and so is completing their allocated sentence. Montana jails are intended to hold individuals charged with less serious offenses that carry sentences of twelve months or less. A jails population could be a mixed bag of people accused of breaking federal, state, county, and/or town laws and regulations. In contrast, a prison is a place in which inmates are doing their time for more severe offenses that can take for a longer period than a year to finish and are in breach with the federal government or state regulations. Comparing these two types of punitive facilities, a truly obvious variation is that prison houses individuals that have been through their initial trial and conviction; however, individuals in jail have yet to get that far in the legal procedure. In truth, these people could be found not guilty as they move through their court proceedings.

Montana Prison Inmate Records Search

There are official sites on the internet that will provide you with info on an individual’s Montana prison records, the information they offer can frequently be revealed free of charge. You could find comprehensive details on federal prisoners on the web without having to pay anything. Listings which allow you to search for prisoners are made accessible by a wide range of states, in order to obtain details that let you know when someone was in prison and also where this person was locked up. To get this data, research the prisoner system according to state, or locate what you are searching for on the Federal Bureau of Prisons site.

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Montana Jail Records

People are arrested in Montana every day. By checking with jails in the vicinity, your research for tracking down another person can be done easier. Simple things like getting an abnormal volume of parking tickets can result in jail time. Having the name of the inmate you’re in search of is useful since you can easily perform a search online. This will help to find out whether the arrested person has been allowing to go or is still in confinement. Recognize that some jails don’t present online material. If you think this to be the case, get in touch with the jail to ask about the inmate.

Montana County Jail Records By Population (Populous Countries Only)

Yellowstone County – Billings
Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office
Free Jail Arrest Records –
Active Warrants –

Missoula County – Missoula
Jail Booking / Roster –

Gallatin County – Bozeman
Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office
Free Jail Arrest Records –
Arrest Warrants –

Flathead County – Kalispell
Flathead County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Roster –
Active Warrants –

Cascade County – Great Falls
Cascade County Sheriff’s Office
Inmate Roster / Current Arrest Records –
Warrant Search Online –

Sheriff’s vs Police Department in Montana

Virtually any sheriff is an elected official, and sheriffs implement the law within a county. A Montana sheriff does nearly the same things that a Chief of Police will do. The Sheriff’s department is in charge of their agency, his employees, plus the jail within the county. Police really are workers of a town or city police department, but in some cases, they are used by a federal government or state institution, and they provide general law enforcement. Representatives of the police division commit nearly all of the time to act in response to telephone calls they get, getting the paperwork done, engaging in criminal investigations, and looking into car accidents.

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