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Idaho Jail vs IDOC Inmate Search.

Jails and prisons are not the same terms as many individuals use them in everyday conversations. Idaho inmates in jail are under the supervision of the county authorities. Usually in the process of waiting for a court trial or are held there on shorter sentences. In comparison to prison inmates who are under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Department of Correction IDOC. Typically serving for crimes of higher severity which involve sentences over a year.

Idaho Prison Inmate Records Search.

Idaho prison inmate information is public record. Sometimes it may be a difficult task to get complete records if court sentencing and arrest information is also needed. In North America, the majority of state DOC institutions made this info readily available for free via the web. In some states, it may be necessary to get hold of the court in which the person was sentenced. There could be a fee to acquire a copy of the court report is some cases court docket information can be viewed for free. An inmate’s up-to-date status in a particular prison can be confirmed by searching either the prison’s web page directly or going to the Federal Bureau of Prisons web page.

Idaho Prison Inmate Search. (Idaho Department of Correction IDOC).
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Idaho Jail Records

To locate county jail records in Idaho for a current or released inmates refer to the county sheriff’s office website or our resources below. Most have a subsection on their website which shows arrest and inmate information. This is typically done for free unless detailed or dated records are needed. It may be more or less difficult to get information about a particular arrest or inmate in jail depending on the sum of details known about the inmate and arrest region. Many Idaho counties furnish inmate information like their current jail bookings, fugitives wanted, as well as current warrants.

Idaho County Jail Records By Population (Populous Countries Only)

Ada County – Boise
Arrests, Inmate Roster, and Warrants Search –
Public Records Request –

Canyon County – Caldwell
Current Arrests –
Sheriff’s Office Public Records Request –

Kootenai County – Coeur d’Alene
In Custody Report –
Active Warrants –

Bonneville County – Idaho Falls
Inmate List –

Sheriff’s vs Police Departments in Idaho.

What is the distinction between a sheriff’s department and a police division? One of the primary variations will be the jurisdiction. They are both law enforcement establishments, plus they work together quite often to ensure public safety. Idaho police departments have jurisdiction throughout specific towns, cities or other such small regions. The sheriff’s office possesses jurisdiction over bigger zones, like the entire county or subdivision of the state, including the towns and cities within their boundaries. The sheriff is an elected position, and it is the highest law enforcement organization in the land. They normally focus on enforcing peace and safety in regions not thoroughly covered by police.

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