North Dakota Inmate Search

North Dakota Inmate Search

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North Dakota Jail Vs DOCR Inmate Search.

A North Dakota jail’s principal function is to hold inmates who’ve presumably committed a crime, as well as individuals who have been charged with criminal offenses and so are completing their assigned sentence. Jail is meant to hold people found guilty of less serious violations and are usually there for less than 12 months. Alternatively, a prison houses inmates for more serious criminal offenses that will take for longer than a year to serve their time. Comparing both agencies, a rather noticeable difference is that prison houses inmates who’ve gone to court and were convicted; on the other hand, people in jail have yet to get that far in the or are incarcerated for a lesser crime.

North Dakota Prison Inmate Records Search

Pretty much every state has an official prison database that can be researched online for free. The prison report will usually have a mugshot, what the inmate was charged for, and how much time they need to serve.

North Dakota Prison Inmate Search. (North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation)
DOCR Resident Lookup –

North Dakota Jail Records Search

Someone is arrested in North Dakota every day. By checking with a local jail website, tracking down an inmate can be quick. Knowing the general area of the arrest is useful to help figure out which sheriffs deparment to check with. Remember that some jails do not have online search options. If you find this to be the case, jsut give that jail a call and ask about the inmate.

North Dakota County Jail Records By Population (Populous Countries Only)

Cass County – Fargo
Cass County Sheriff’s Office
Current Arrested Jail Records –
Fargo Police Department
Police Records and Open Record Requests –

Burleigh County – Bismarck
Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department
Request for Crash/Accident Report –
Active Warrant List –

Grand Forks County – Grand Forks
Adult Corrections –

Ward County – Minot
Ward County Sheriff’s Department
Records (Accident Report, Incident Report, Photographs, Docket Entry, Mugshots, CD/DVD) –
Inmate / Bookings Roster –

Sheriff’s vs Police Department in North Dakota

Practically every sheriff is an elected official, and all sheriffs uphold laws in a county. A North Dakota sheriff does virtually the same tasks that a Chief of Police does. The Sheriff’s office is in control of their agency, his employees, and the jail in the county. The police are staff members of a town or city police agency, but occasionally they’re employed by a federal or state establishment, and they provide general law enforcement. Representatives of the police agency dedicate most of the time to appearing in resolution to telephone calls they receive, getting the paperwork completed, engaging in criminal investigations, and examining wrecks.

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