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Arkansas Inmate Search

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Arkansas Jail Search vs ADC Inmates Search

Jail and prison aren’t interchangeable words like a lot of people use them. Arkansas inmates jailed are under the management of a community or county sheriff’s office. Typically awaiting court trial or sent there for reduced sentences (Less than a year). Contrast this to Arkansas prison inmates who are under the jurisdiction of Arkansas State Department of Corrections (ADC) or Federal Bureau of Prisons. People are sent to prison because of the higher severity of their criminal acts and involve sentences over one year.

Arkansas Prison Inmate Records.

Prison inmate records in Arkansas are public documents. In some instances, it’s rather difficult to see the full records. Most state organizations made this data readily available for free via the internet directly using their own websites. In other areas, it might be necessary to get hold of the court in which the person was sentenced. There could or may not be a cost to get a copy of the court record. A prison inmate’s current information within a specific prison may be affirmed by accessing either the prison’s website or the Federal Bureau of Prisons web site.

Arkansas Prison Inmate Search. (Arkansas Department of Corrections).
Visit –

County Jail Records in Arkansas

To look for Arkansas local jail information for recent or released inmates. Check with the county sheriff’s department website. Almost all use an online system that shows police arrest information as well as inmate holding specifics. There isn’t commonly a charge for doing this. It might be more or less difficult to find information about a specific arrest or inmate and this will dependant upon the level of details known regarding the person and also the search capacities of the jail website. Almost all county websites offer information regarding their jail, fugitives are searching for, and general county security details.

Arkansas County Jail Records By Population (Populous Countries Only)

Pulaski County – Little Rock
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office
Current Arrested Inmate Roster –
Wanted Persons –
Little Rock Police Department
Incident and Accident Reports –
Crime Stats –

Benton County – Bentonville
Benton County Sheriff’s Office
Search arrest jail records by name (with mugshots) –
Active warrants database –

Washington County – Fayetteville
Detainee Roster (Detailed) –
Detention Intake Report (last three days) –
Warrants Search –

Sebastian County – Fort Smith, Greenwood
Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office
Inmate Inquiry / Arrest Records –
Warrant Search –
Sex Offenders –

Faulkner County – Conway
Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office
Current and 48 hour released jail inmate records –
Warrants active records online –
Most wanted –
Child Support Offenders –
Sex Offenders –

Saline County – Benton
Saline County Sheriff’s Office
Inmate Roster Current and 48-hour release jail records –
Deadbeat Dads and Moms –
Active Warrants –
Most Wanted –
Sex Offenders –

Craighead County – Jonesboro, Lake City
Craighead County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Roster Arrest Records –
Wanted –
Sex Offenders –
Crime map –

Garland County – Hot Springs
Garland County Sheriff’s Office
Inmate Arrest Records –
Sex Offenders –

Arkansas Sheriffs vs Police Departments.

Is there a contrast between a sheriff’s office and a police division? One of the biggest differences is the jurisdiction. Both being law enforcement institutions, and they work together in many cases to ensure public safety. Arkansas police departments have jurisdiction throughout certain towns, cities and other similar small regions. The sheriff’s office possesses jurisdiction over greater areas, such as the entire county or subdivision of the state, including the cities and towns within their boundaries. The sheriff is an elected position, and it is the top law enforcement agency in the land. They generally concentrate on enforcing peace and security in areas not adequately covered by police.

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