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Oklahoma Inmate Search

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Oklahoma Jail Vs ODOC Inmate Search.

A jail’s primary function is to hold people that have allegedly perpetrated a crime, also those who have been convicted of crimes and are completing their assigned sentence. Jails, in general, are meant to accommodate inmates charged with less extreme offenses that carry sentences of 1 year or less. Oklahoma jail inmate population can be a mixed bag of people there for a variety of reasons. Conversely, a prison in Oklahoma is a place in which inmates are doing their time for more excessive offenses and are serving more than a year. When comparing these two holding facilities, a rather visible distinction is that prison houses individuals that have been through their court trial and received a conviction; however, folks in jail have yet to get that far within the legal system. In fact, they could be found innocent and not serve in further time.

Oklahoma Prison Inmate Records

There are state internet sites that can give you a prison inmate listing, the details on the listing tare free to see. Oklahoma Department of Corrections ODOC directory enables you to look up inmates online, to help you obtain specifics that tell you when someone was in prison and where this person was locked up. To obtain these records, use the ODOC system which is maintained by the state, or uncover prison records using the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.

Oklahoma Prison Inmate Search. (Oklahoma Department of Corrections ODOC).
ODOC Inmate Search – https://okoffender.doc.ok.gov/
ODOC Fugitive Search – https://okoffender.doc.ok.gov/Search?Fugitives=true

Oklahoma Jail Records

People are booked to jail daily in Oklahoma. By checking with local jails, locating the arrested individual or the individual serving a light sentence can be done online. Knowing the name of the jail facility the offender you are looking for is useful or at least the arresting county. This enables you to see whether the arrested person or inmate has been allowing to go or is still in confinement. Note that a few jails do not provide online information. If you feel this to be the situation, telephone the jail to ask about the inmate.

Oklahoma County Jail Records By Population (Populous Countries Only)

Oklahoma County – Oklahoma City
Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office
Free Arrest Jail Records – http://docs.oklahomacounty.org/cosheriff/
Free Warrant Search Online – https://docs.oklahomacounty.org/sheriff/warrantsearch/
Most Wanted – https://sheriff.oklahomacounty.org/199/Most-Wanted
Oklahoma City Police Department
Police Records (Police and Accident Reports) – https://oklahomacityok.justfoia.com/Forms/Launch/8bceebdf-37b1-4d13-8535-86299b1dd659

Tulsa County – Tulsa
Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office
Arrest Inmate Lookup – http://iic.tulsacounty.org/expInmateBookings
Check For Warrants – https://www.tulsapolice.org/content/warrants.aspx
Public Records Requests – https://tcso.org/resources/public-records-requests/

Cleveland County – Norman
Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office
Booking Roster – http://ccso.globalsoftwarecorp.com/Home/Search
Police Department Daily Activity Reports – http://www.normanok.gov/content/daily-activity
Warrant Check – http://ccso.globalsoftwarecorp.com/Home/WarrantCheck
Fingerprinting – https://www.ccso-ok.us/160/Fingerprinting

Comanche County – Lawton
Comanche County Sheriff Office
Jail Records – http://inmates.bluhorse.com/Default.aspx?ID=CCDC
Most Wanted – http://sheriffcomanche.com/wanted.php
Sex Offenders – http://sheriffcomanche.com/sex_offenders.php

Canadian County – El Reno
SDA / Fingerprints – https://www.ccsheriff.net/162/SDA-Fingerprints

Oklahoma Sheriff’s vs Police Department

Practically every sheriff is an elected official, and Oklahoma sheriffs uphold laws in a county. A sheriff does nearly the same tasks that a Chief of Police will do. The Sheriff’s unit is in control of their office, his subordinates, as well as the jail in the county. The police will be workers of a city or town police department, but from time to time they are employed by a federal government or state establishment, and they will provide common law enforcement. Officers of the police office commit the majority of of their time to appearing in response to telephone calls they receive, getting the paperwork completed, carrying out criminal investigations, and analyzing auto accidents.

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