Mississippi Inmate Search

Mississippi Inmate Search

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Mississippi Jail vs MDOC Inmate Search

Mississippi jail facilities are where people who have broken the law or have been charged with a crime are kept on a temporary basis. Mississippi prison is a location where people who’ve committed a significant criminal offense are kept for a noticeably lengthier amount of time. Confinement in jail might last a day or be up to a year, while the penitentiary time frame is over a year. Jails are managed by the county they are situated in by the sheriff’s office, the prison system is managed by the Mississippi Department of Corrections MDOC or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Men and women in jail can be on trial or waiting for sentencing.

Mississippi Prison Inmate Records.

Currently, the majority of US DOC’s have an online portal for inmate records available to the public for free. This allows for the convenience and reliability of the information on pretty much all inmates in prison. Details such as mugshots, crime dates, crime areas, and how long the sentence is for can be viewed using most departments of corrections websites. MDOC Mississippi department of corrections and prison facilities in other states share very comparable online databases in terms of use. So that you can search for a particular person wit just a name, other identifying information that will work within the search will allow for a more filtered search.

Mississippi Prison Inmate Search. (Mississippi Department of Corrections MDOC)
MDOC Inmate Search – https://www.ms.gov/mdoc/inmate
Death Row Inmate Lookup – https://www.mdoc.ms.gov/Death-Row/Pages/default.aspx
Inmate Records Requests and Public Records Requests – https://www.mdoc.ms.gov/Pages/Public-Records-Requests.aspx

Mississippi Jail Records Search

If a member of the general public would like to find out whether someone is in a Mississippi jail, there are methods to do this online but can vary by county. To see where a person is being held, helpful information to have includes knowing the date the individual was arrested, knowing the county or city of the arrest, and other common identifiers. Use the arrest area’s sheriff’s office web page and locate the inmate search subsection of the website. If this feature isn’t available contact the jail direct.

Mississippi County Jail Records By Population (Populous Countries Only)

Hinds County – Jackson and Raymond
Hinds County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Inmate Locator – https://www.co.hinds.ms.us/pgs/apps/inmate/inmate_query.asp

Harrison County – Gulfport and Biloxi
Harrison County Sheriff’s Office
Arrest Jail Records – http://harrisoncountysheriff.com/harrison-county-inmate-search/

DeSoto County – Hernando
DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department
Arrest Records – https://omsweb.public-safety-cloud.com/jtclientweb/(S(qq3tlb5nnu11dzyhoa2i5b4a))/jailtracker/index/DeSoto_County_Ms
Warrants – https://www.desotocountyms.gov/533/Warrant-Division

Rankin County – Brandon
Rankin County Sheriff’s Department
Fingerprinting – https://www.rankincounty.org/egov/apps/services/index.egov?view=detail;id=27
Public Information Request Form – https://www.rankincounty.org/egov/documents/1511301390_21671.pdf

Jackson County – Pascagoula
Jackson County Sheriff’s Department
Inmate Lookup – https://www.co.jackson.ms.us/324/Inmate-Lookup

Sheriffs vs Police Departments in Mississippi.

Though police and sheriff’s stations have a similar range of capacities and functionality, one main difference is what zones are covered. The Mississippi police office undertakes the offenses which have took place within their allocated jurisdiction of a municipality; on the other hand, a sheriff’s office handles criminal acts and court proceedings inside their jurisdiction, along with other areas covered within that region. These distinctions are important to be aware of because the specific location of a criminal activity has a determining aspect in respect to where the accused will be kept and how their legal administration will proceed.

Mississippi Bordering States.
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