Texas Vital Records

Texas Vital Records

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Texas Vital Records

Government agencies, such as agencies of vital statistics, court clerks or office of health statistics, accumulate and keep information regarding your birth, marital life, spouse and children, death and any divorce proceedings via Texas vital records. Using these certifications and records, an enormous number of people and organizations determine numerous matters, including eligibility for programs or activities, property or home legal rights, heirs and child support obligations. Depending on the jurisdiction, the government organizations maintaining vital records control or prohibit open public admittance to these reports.

Texas Vital Record Sourcehttps://dshs.texas.gov/vs/

Texas Vital Record Departments By County (Counties ordered by population)

Harris County – Houston
Vital Records – https://www.cclerk.hctx.net/Applications/WebSearch/VS.aspx
Divorce Records – https://www.hcdistrictclerk.com/edocs/public/search.aspx
Marriage Records – https://www.cclerk.hctx.net/applications/websearch/MAL.aspx

Dallas County – Dallas
Vital Records – https://www.dallascounty.org/government/county-clerk/vitals.php

Tarrant County – Fort Worth
Vital Records – https://www.tarrantcounty.com/en/county-clerk/vital-records/birth-death-records.html
Marriage Records – https://ccrecordse.tarrantcounty.com/Marriage/SearchEntry.aspx?e=newSession

Bexar County – San Antonio
Vital Records – https://www.bexar.org/2952/Birth-or-Death-Certificates

Travis County – Austin
Vital Records – https://countyclerk.traviscountytx.gov/recording/locate-birth-and-death-records.html

Collin County – McKinney
Vital Records – https://www.collincountytx.gov/law_library/Pages/vital_rec_info.aspx

Hidalgo County – Edinburg
Vital Records – https://www.hidalgocounty.us/161/County-Clerks-Office

El Paso County – El Paso
Vital Records – https://www.epcounty.com/clerk/vitals.htm

Denton County – Denton
Vital Records – https://dentoncounty.gov/Departments/County-Clerk/Marriage-License-Information/Copies-of-Marriage-Records

Fort Bend County – Richmond
Vital Records – https://www.fortbendcountytx.gov/government/departments-a-d/county-clerk/birth-death-marriage

Montgomery County – Conroe
Vital Records – https://www.mctx.org/departments/departments_a_-_c/county_clerk/birth_and_death_certificates.php

Williamson County – Georgetown
Vital Records – https://www.wilco.org/County-Clerk

Cameron County – Brownsville
Vital Records – https://www.cameroncounty.us/county-clerk/cameron-county-clerk-vital-statistics/

Brazoria County – Angleton
Vital Records – https://www.brazoriacountytx.gov/departments/district-clerk/departments/records-and-data-information

Nueces County – Corpus Christi
Vital Records – https://www.cctexas.com/services/health-services/birth-and-death-certificates-vital-records

Bell County – Belton
Vital Records – https://www.bellcountytx.com/county_government/county_clerk/

Galveston County – Galveston
Vital Records – https://www.gchd.org/public-health-services/environmental-health-services-/forms-reports-requests/birth-death-records

Lubbock County – Lubbock
Vital Records – https://www.co.lubbock.tx.us/department/?fDD=12-0&fDD=2-7

Webb County – Laredo
Vital Records – https://www.webbcountytx.gov/CountyClerk/

Jefferson County – Beaumont
Vital Records – https://www.co.jefferson.tx.us/cclerk/Recording/Locate-Birth-and-Death-Records

McLennan County – Waco
Vital Records – https://www.co.mclennan.tx.us/168/Birth-Death-Records

Smith County – Tyler
Vital Records – https://www.smith-county.com/government/elected-officials/county-clerk/vital-statistics

Brazos County – Bryan
Vital Records – https://www.brazoscountytx.gov/index.aspx?NID=114

Hays County – San Marcos
Vital Records – https://hayscountytx.com/departments/county-clerk/records-division/

Ellis County – Waxahachie
Vital Records – https://co.ellis.tx.us/811/Birth-Certificates

Johnson County – Cleburne
Vital Records – https://www.johnsoncountytx.org/government/county-clerk/land-records-vitals/birth-death-and-marriage

Midland County – Midland
Vital Records – https://www.co.midland.tx.us/176/Birth-or-Death-Certificate

Guadalupe County – Seguin
Vital Records – https://www.co.guadalupe.tx.us/coclerk/vitals.php

Ector County – Odessa
Vital Records – http://www.co.ector.tx.us/page/ector.BirthandDeathRecords

Comal County – New Braunfels
Vital Records – https://www.co.comal.tx.us/CCK/Records.htm

Taylor County – Abilene
Vital Records – https://www.taylorcountytexas.org/121/Birth-Death-Certificates

Randall County – Canyon
Vital Records – https://randallcounty.com/182/County-Clerk

Parker County – Weatherford
Vital Records – https://www.parkercountytx.com/107/Birth-Death-Marriage-Records

Wichita County – Wichita Falls
Vital Records – http://www.wichitafallstx.gov/311/VitalRecords

Grayson County – Sherman
Vital Records – https://www.co.grayson.tx.us/page/cclk.birthdeath

Gregg County – Longview
Vital Records – https://www.co.gregg.tx.us/birth-death-records

Kaufman County – Kaufman
Vital Records – https://www.kaufmancounty.net/county-clerk/about/

Potter County – Amarillo
Vital Records – https://www.co.potter.tx.us/page/potter.County.Clerk

Tom Green County – San Angelo
Vital Records – http://www.co.tom-green.tx.us/page/cck.vitalstatistics

Rockwall County – Rockwall
Vital Records – https://www.rockwallcountytexas.com/111/BirthDeath-Certificates

Texas Birth Records

When researching family ancestry and background, birth information can be a valuable reference. Beyond recreating a family tree, birth records and archives are also beneficial to the people who were adopted as children and would like to know more about their roots. Every local government agency handles acceptable birth records. These endeavors have been reinforced with the ability to discover records over the internet. Texas birth records are under the jurisdiction of the states and maintained by localized public establishments. The information listed on birth records features a name, time and place of labor and birth, gender, weight, height, parent details, registration number, along with the individual’s race.

Texas Marriage Records

After the marriage ritual in Texas, regardless of whether carried out with a religious leader or possibly a justice of the peace, a marriage certificate is finished and sent to the clerk’s department of the relevant city or county. The pair are going to be mailed a marriage license, meaning the marriage will become part of the public record unless it’s otherwise advised. Several states allow marriage licenses to be looked at solely by the partners named on the certification. An authorized copy of the marriage license can be obtained through the suitable clerk’s office by following their specified process.

Texas Divorce Records

Each time a marriage or domestic partnership is dissolved, the court issues a divorce decree. Just like birth and marriage records, divorce records are also viewed as Texas viral records. In many cases, following a divorce, one of the partners could resume using his or her name used before the separation and divorce. There can be custody of the children order issued throughout divorce proceedings; but, child custody requests can be thought to be a different matter in court. Divorce records are publicly available; as a result, most people access to the information.

Texas Death Records

In a death certificate in Texas, you’ll find the day, place and root cause of death. Insurance firms count on these records to figure out if beneficiaries may obtain proceeds from the insurance plan. As an example, insurance plans normally exclude insurance coverage for suicides or deaths caused by combat. An accidental death can bring about double indemnity benefits. Death certificates can function as property records, for title to real estate passes at death to heirs or beneficiaries of wills. Remaining husband or wife may need death records to claim pensions and other survivor benefits.

Texas Adoption Records

Adoption records may be public or private, according to the state involved and how old the documents are. Laws vary by state so in case you need copies of adoption documents, begin with the county clerks office of the state and county in which the adoption occurred. Adoption records contain in-depth information, including birth certificate data, court papers, documentation from a legal professional or the adoption bureau, and more, so it may require some research to locate the required record.

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