Mississippi Warrant Search

Mississippi Warrant Search

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Mississippi Warrant Search

A warrant is a legal document issued by a judge or grand jury. It permits police officers to take part in an action that could normally abuse an individual’s constitutional legal rights. Illustrations of this may consist of searching the personal property, confiscating probable evidence, or placing somebody under arrest. Mississippi law enforcement officials might obtain a warrant when there is convincing evidence that a transgression has been committed. Arrest warrants authorize law enforcement officials to put a suspect under arrest and detain and keep them in custody for a time period.

Mississippi Statewide Warrant Search System.
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Mississippi Warrant Search At County Level (Top Countries)

Hinds County – Jackson and Raymond
Hinds County Sheriff
407 E Pascagoula St Jackson, MS 39205

Harrison County – Gulfport and Biloxi
Harrison County Sheriff’s Office
Warrants/Extradition 228-896-0610

DeSoto County – Hernando
Warrant Division
3091 Industrial Dr W Hernando MS 38632

Rankin County – Brandon
Sheriff’s Office & Detention Center
221 N Timber St Brandon, MS 39042
(601) 825-1480

Jackson County – Pascagoula
Jackson County Sheriff’s Department
3104 Magnolia Street Pascagoula, MS 39567

Mississippi Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is made by a judge or grand jury whenever a law enforcement officials has conducted an investigation deciding that there’s a practical belief, or “probable cause”, that an individual broke legal requirements. The Mississippi arrest warrant is a legal document authorizing law enforcement to arrest and detain somebody. Typically, the individual will not be aware that an arrest warrant is produced until the time of police arrest. Law enforcement officers may make a surprise visit to a person’s home or place of work to make an arrest. The subject is taken to jail where they can be imprisoned devoid of bail till they are transported to court before a judge to have an arraignment, release hearing, and another court proceeding.

Mississippi Bench Warrant

With criminal cases or similar courtroom proceedings, including traffic proceedings, the court could issue a bench warrant on the accused. Bench warrants in Mississippi are normally distributed in the event the individual neglects to show up for trial. The word “bench” refers to an old-fashioned term for the judge’s seat. When an accused is taken into custody on a bench warrant, most post bail in advance of the person could be released from jail. Bail is usually enough to pay for fees and court expenses for the first violation. Once the individual is arrested, the judge would set a new court day for the individual to appear.

Mississippi Fugitive Warrant

If someone flees from a country or state in which that person been charged, a judge could issue an arrest warrant known as a fugitive warrant. A fugitive warrant is released in one jurisdiction for a person who’s wanted for fleeing to another jurisdiction. Law enforcement officials take a person named on a Mississippi fugitive warrant into custody despite the fact that she or he has broke rules in an alternative region.

Mississippi Search Warrant

As opposed to the other warrants mentioned, a search warrant isn’t about arresting a person or taking them in custody; rather, it is about searching for evidence. With a Search Warrant, it’s possible for law enforcement officials to go in plots of acreage, people’s homes, or complexes to discover evidence that can be used in future trials. Anything that is considered proof will then be taken and utilized in court. Law enforcement in Mississippi is only able to research the distinct place listed on the warrant.

How to Find Out if You Have a Warrant in Mississippi

You could simply call a police station and inquire whether there is an arrest warrant in your name. This, obviously, maybe a risky method as the law enforcement will question you concerning the warrant. A significantly less direct strategy is most likely a more suitable course. You can look online for a county court or Mississippi sheriff’s office to see if it lists outstanding warrants. Within bigger counties, you should count on these records to be more accurate compared to less significant counties. In truth, smaller sized counties may not have this sort of resource at all. To get federal warrants, you will need to find your district’s federal court.

Warrant for My Arrest in Mississippi

People who have outstanding warrants in Mississippi have options. Seeking legal counsel from an attorney at law and turning oneself in is generally the most recommended solution. It will reflect a lot better in the eyes of the court compared to choosing to simply wait for the authorities to make an arrest.

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