Michigan Vital Records

Michigan Vital Records

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Michigan Vital Records

Michigan State and county government offices manage records of individuals’ birth, death, marriage, and divorce. The documents on top of that incorporate identifiable information regarding parents/guardians and spouses. It is useful to note the public can observe the documents personally at the governmental organization preserving them. For a small charge, copies of the records remain available, but constraints for certified copies stop unauthorized people from possessing them. Genuine authorized versions have the government’s authority’s seal, causing them to be acceptable for identification. Mainly immediate family members or those with written authority can get a certified copy of a vital document. Uncertified reproductions don’t include the seal and do not qualify for proof of id.

Michigan Vital Record Sourcehttps://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs/0,5885,7-339-71551_4645—,00.html

Michigan Vital Record Departments By County (Counties ordered by population)

Wayne County – Detroit
Vital Records – https://www.waynecounty.com/elected/clerk/records.aspx

Oakland County – Pontiac
Vital Records – https://www.oakgov.com/clerkrod/life-events-and-services/Pages/default.aspx

Macomb County – Mt Clemens
Vital Records – https://clerk.macombgov.org/Clerk-Services-VitalRecords

Kent County – Grand Rapids
Vital Records – https://www.accesskent.com/Departments/CountyClerk/

Genesee County – Flint
Vital Records – https://www.gc4me.com/departments/county_clerks1/obtain_a_certified_copy_of_a_birth_death_or_marriage_record.php

Washtenaw County – Ann Arbor
Vital Records – https://www.washtenaw.org/265/Vital-Records

Ingham County – Mason
Vital Records – https://cl.ingham.org/departments_and_officials/county_clerk/vital_records.php

Ottawa County – Grand Haven
Vital Records – https://www.miottawa.org/Departments/CountyClerk/VitalRecord/

Kalamazoo County – Kalamazoo
Vital Records – https://www.kalcounty.com/clerk/copies.htm

Saginaw County – Saginaw
Vital Records – https://www.saginawcounty.com/departments/county_clerk/index.php

Livingston County – Howell
Vital Records – https://www.livgov.com/clerk/Pages/order.aspx

Muskegon County – Muskegon
Vital Records – https://www.co.muskegon.mi.us/421/Birth-Death-Marriage-Records

St Clair County – Port Huron
Vital Records – https://stclaircountyclerk.org/

Jackson County – Jackson
Vital Records – https://www.co.jackson.mi.us/303/Records

Berrien County – St. Joseph
Vital Records – https://www.berriencounty.org/378/Vital-Records-Marriage-Birth-Death

Monroe County – Monroe
Vital Records – https://www.co.monroe.mi.us/officials_and_departments/officials/county_clerk/certified_copies.php

Calhoun County – Marshall
Vital Records – https://www.calhouncountymi.gov/departments/clerk_and_register_of_deeds/vital_records.php

Allegan County – Allegan
Vital Records – http://cms.allegancounty.org/sites/Office/Clerk/VitalRecords/SitePages/Birth.aspx

Bay County – Bay City
Vital Records – https://www.baycounty-mi.gov/Clerk/VitalRecords.aspx

Michigan Birth Records

When researching family genealogy and background, Michigan birth documents can be a valuable source. Beyond recreating a family tree, birth records and archives will also be very useful to people who have been adopted as children and would like to find out more about their origins. Every state government department keeps adequate birth records. These endeavors were reinforced with the opportunity to access records online. Birth records are under the jurisdiction of the states and managed by local public agencies. Specifics included on birth records includes name, time and place of childbirth, gender, weight, height, parental information, the application number, along with the individual’s ethnic background.

Michigan Marriage Records

Following the wedding ritual in Michigan, whether carried out with a religious leader or perhaps a justice of the peace, a marriage certificate is finished and sent to the clerks’ agency of the proper city or county. The pair are going to be mailed a marriage license, which means that the marriage becomes part of the public record unless it’s otherwise advised. Several states enable marriage licenses to be looked at primarily by the people named on the document. An authorized copy of the marriage license can be acquired through the suitable clerk’s office by following their specified procedure.

Michigan Divorce Records

Unlike a marriage document, a divorce document and a divorce decree are two diverse documents, even though they contain related details. The divorce certificate can be obtained from the Michigan state agency of vital statistics and shows the names of the people to the marriage, and both date of the matrimony and the date it was dissolved. The divorce decree features this info too but also includes specifics of the divorce, like alimony, child support, and also the disposition of belongings. An accredited copy of the decree needs to be issued by the court that granted the divorce. The divorce certificate is sufficient to prove that the people involved are not married.

Michigan Death Records

On the death certificate, there is the date, place, and reason behind the loss of life. Insurance agencies depend on this information to decide if beneficiaries will obtain proceeds from the insurance policy. As an example, insurance coverage typically leaves out insurance coverage for suicides or deaths brought on by combat. An accidental death in Michigan may result in dual indemnity advantages. Death certificates could function as real estate records, for the title to real estate passes at death to heirs or beneficiaries of wills. Remaining significant other may need death certificates to claim retirement benefits or other survivor advantages.

Michigan Adoption Records

Adoption in Michigan translates into the relationship of parent-child without having biological links. This sort of decree produces equal privileges, obligations, and legal characteristics just as if the child was born to the parents. Included in this are support, care, making decisions for the child, and inheritance. Most jurisdictions make certain that adoption documents are closed and make significant limitations on accessibility, even by the adopted boy or girl or even the natural parent.

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