Massachusetts Inmate Search

Massachusetts Inmate Search

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Massachusetts Jail vs MADOC Inmate Search

Massachusetts jails are used to house people who have broken the law or have been charged with a crime. Massachusetts prisons, on the other hand, is a facility where individuals who have committed a substantial crime are held for over a year. Confinement in jail may be from just a day up to one year, while prison is for inmates serving more than a year. Jails are operated by the country sheriff’s office, a prison is maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Correction MADOC. Individuals in jail can be waiting for a trial or the final verdict in their case. People in jail with modest criminal acts have the opportunity to participate in a work-release program or boot camp.

Massachusetts Prison Inmate Records Search

The vast majority of US department of correction agencies keep a computerized record of individuals who are in prison. This allows for quick and reliable information gathering online. Typical information that can found in these databases includes mugshots, date crimes took place, the region of the violations, and how long the sentence is for. Massachusetts MADOC online search is similar to other states in features. To be able to look for a person, you need to use their surname; however, using their first name along with some other identifying specifics which fit in the research criteria enables far better and more effective end result.

Massachusetts Prison Inmate Search. (Massachusetts Department of Correction (MADOC)).
MADOC Find an Inmate –

Massachusetts Jail Records

If an individual needs to find out if a family member is in a Massachusetts jail, there are methods for this, but these methods will slightly vary by county. To find precisely where a person is being held, information like knowing when the individual was arrested, knowing the county of the criminal arrest, as well as other common identifying facts, will help narrow the delivered search results. Use of the county’s or municipality’s jail’s internet inmate lookup function can help in informing you where an individual is. If an online search is not available for that county. Try calling the sheriffs or police department.

Massachusetts County Jail Records By Population (Populous Countries Only)

Middlesex County – Lowell, Cambridge
Middlesex Jail & House of Correction –

Worcester County – Worcester
Worcester County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO)
Jail Inmate Records –
Public Records Requests –

Essex County – Salem and Lawrence
Essex County Sheriff’s Department
Public Records Request –

Suffolk County – Boston
Boston Police Department
Most Wanted –
Sex Offender Registry –

Norfolk County – Dedham
Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office
Public Records Access –
Contacting Offenders –

Bristol County – Taunton
Bristol County Sheriff’s Office
Public Records Request –

Plymouth County – Brockton and Plymouth
Correctional Facility –

Hampden County – Springfield
Inmate/Client Accounts –

Barnstable County – Barnstable
Inmate Visitor Information –

Hampshire County – Northampton
Jail and House of Correction –

Berkshire County – Pittsfield
Inmate Visits and Communication –

Sheriff’s vs Police Departments in Massachusetts

Though Massachusetts police and sheriff’s stations have a similar assortment of capacities and purpose, single big difference is what regions are covered. The police unit undertakes the violations which have happened in their specified jurisdiction of a municipality; alternatively, a sheriff’s office handles criminal offenses and court proceedings inside their jurisdiction, along with other zones contained inside that district. These differences are important to be aware of as the location of a offense has a determining factor in respect to where the charged can be kept and just how their legal processing will proceed.

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