Maine Warrant Search

Maine Warrant Search

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Maine Warrant Search

A warrant is a legal document issued by a judge or grand jury. It authorizes law enforcement officials to take part in an operation that could otherwise violate a person’s constitutional liberties. Instances of this will involve checking personal possessions, confiscating potential evidence, or placing an individual under arrest. The authorities can ask for a warrant when there’s convincing evidence an offense has been done. Maine arrest warrants authorize law enforcement to put a suspect under arrest and detain while keeping them in custody for an interval.

Maine Statewide Warrant Search System.
Online Warrant Search – Not available.

Maine Warrant Search At County Level (Top Countries)

Cumberland County – Portland
Fugitive/Warrants –
Admin Support – (910) 672-5660

York County – Alfred
Warrants Unit –
1675-2A Moss Justice Center York, SC 29745

Penobscot County – Bangor
Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office
85 Hammond St Bangor, Maine 04401
(207) 947-4585

Kennebec County – Augusta
Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office
125 State Street Augusta ME, 04330
(207) 623 – 3614

Maine Arrest Warrant

To receive an arrest warrant, a police officer has to usually complete an affidavit to a magistrate or judge. Several states enable authorities to complete an application for a warrant on the phone. On the warrant request, Maine law enforcement will need to provide details that confirm likely cause to believe the named individual perpetrated a specified offense.

Maine Bench Warrant

A bench warrant is made whenever a person has violated the guidelines of court, most often should they neglect to appear for a court hearing or respond to a subpoena. It may also be granted for failing to pay for a fine or failure to show verification of enrolling in or doing community service or other court instructed activities. A Maine bench warrant authorizes the instantaneous arrest of a person. Law enforcement officials won’t typically look around for subjects of bench warrants, and will eventually take them in whenever they run into them for some other reasons.

Maine Fugitive Warrant

A fugitive is a individual who is knowingly running from the law. A Maine fugitive warrant is really an arrest warrant written in one jurisdiction for a person in another. It is intended to make it possible for synergy between diverse law enforcement departments. It helps a person to be arrested away from the jurisdiction where the crime was done, and after that returned there to face charges.

Maine Search Warrant

As opposed to the other warrants mentioned, a search warrant isn’t about arresting a person or taking them in custody; rather, it is about searching for evidence. With a Maine Search Warrant, it’s possible for law enforcement officials to go in plots of acreage, people’s homes, or complexes to discover evidence that can be used in future trials. Anything that is considered proof will then be taken and utilized in court. Law enforcement is only able to research the distinct place listed on the warrant.

How to Find Out if You Have a Warrant in Maine

Every day people are able to determine whether they have been named on an outstanding warrant in Maine. There are two methods to have a look at. 1) Visit the community court’s internet site. Visit the searchable public records page. After that, enter the name of the individual about who the details are being desired. The more someone knows about the name being searched, the simpler it’s going to be to find the proper details in the public information. 2) Speak to the regional court. Question the clerk should there be an outstanding warrant for a named person. Much like performing a web-based search, the more details the caller has about the person he or she needs to find out about, the simpler it’s going to be for the clerk to be able to find out the correct details.

Warrant for My Arrest in Maine

People who have outstanding warrants in Maine have choices. Seeking out legal advice from an attorney and turning oneself in is often the most advisable plan of action. It will exhibit much better in the eyes of the court than choosing to delay for the law enforcement officials to make an arrest.

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