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Maine Inmate Search

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Maine Jail vs MDOC Inmate Search

Jail is the place individuals who have broken the law and have been charged with criminal activity are retained on a temporary basis. Maine prison is a location where people who have committed a substantial crime are kept for noticeably longer amounts of time. Confinement in jail may be from 24 hours to 12 months, while prison time is over a year. While jail is controlled by the country it’s created in, prison is supervised by the Maine Department of Corrections MDOC or Federal Bureau of Prisons. People in jail could also be on trial or can be waiting for a verdict.

Maine Prison Inmate Records Search

To date, nearly all DOC departments in the US maintain an electronic record of people who have gone to prison. This allows for the mobility and reliability of records of thousands of inmates in Maine or in other states. Details gathered from these databases can be, mugshots, when the crimes took place, where the crime took place, and how long the sentence is. All state DOC search portals are comparable in features. In order to search for a particular person, you need to use their full name; however, having other distinguishing information that works with the lookup criteria enables much better and more effective filtering of records.

Maine Prison Inmate Search. (Maine Department of Corrections MDOC).
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Maine Jail Records

If a person wishes to find out whether or not a loved one or a random person is in a Maine jail, there are ways to do this, although this will vary by location. In terms of pinpointing exactly where an individual is being held, helpful information involves knowing when the person was arrested, knowing the location of the criminal arrest, along with other basic distinguishing facts to narrow the returned search information. Using the community county’s or municipality’s jail’s web page inmate search feature can be helpful in letting you know where the person is in the legal process with respect to their sentencing, considering the information identified may be slightly postponed because of court proceedings and other incidentals.

Maine County Jail Records By Population (Populous Countries Only)

Cumberland County – Portland
Cumberland County Sheriff Office
Jail Arrest Records –
Records Request (Vehicle Crash and Incident Reports) –
Finger Printing Service –

York County – Alfred
Jail Info –

Penobscot County – Bangor
Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office
Arrested Jail Inmates –
Police Investigative Reports –

Kennebec County – Augusta
Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office
Background checks and reports (Incident and Arrest) –

Sheriff’s vs Police Departments in Maine

Despite the fact that police and sheriff’s stations in Maine have a similar number of abilities and functions, one big difference is what regions are covered. The police department engages in the violations which have happened inside their allocated jurisdiction of a municipality; alternatively, a sheriff’s division deals with criminal activity and legal proceedings inside their jurisdiction, as well as other zones covered within that district. These distinctions are essential to observe as the location of a crime has a determining factor in regard to where the charged can be kept and the way their legal processing will proceed.

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