Maine Court Records

Maine Court Records

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What are Maine court records?

Maine courthouse records are the official documents with material regarding that particular courthouse and all cases that took place there. The details in the court records depend upon the particulars of the case and charges being submitted. The four primary types of court proceedings are Civil, Criminal, Family, and Traffic. Most court case records are available for open public viewing, but hypersensitive information regarding case details that include health-related particulars, psychological health, domestic violence, and sexual assault are instantly protected.

Court Docket vs. Actual Maine Court Records

A docket is a log of what transpired during proceedings at a court case. Each jurisdiction possesses their own built in process of managing dockets. For this reason, a couple dockets from two diverse areas might look quite distinct and include unique variations of information.

Also, some jurisdictions are more inclined to make docket specifics available for general public use and some could limit use. Several jurisdictions have now implemented electronic digital filing structures that make dockets accessible through a web-based database. In other jurisdictions, the only method to apply to obtain docket data is to see the courthouse and ask for the hard copy data. In any case, it could be very useful to have the actual docket record number to assist in obtaining the correct document.

Public Access Terminals For Maine Court Records

As the name signifies, a Public Access Terminal, or PAT, is the portal through which permitted parties could gain access to court records, dockets, case documents and similar court maintained reports available for resident access.

In general, general public access terminals can be found at the county courthouse itself. Whenever using PATs to access criminal offender records, having the complete legal name and also date of birth of the person can be quite advantageous.

Maine State Court Record Resources.

Supreme Court
Published Opinions of the Law Court –

Appellate Division of the Court
Appellate Decisions –

Superior Court (Court Record Types – Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil)
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District Court (Court Record Types – Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Small Claims, Family, Juvenile, Traffic, Eviction, Ordinances)
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Probate Court (Court Record Types – Probate)
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Business and Consumer Court (Court Record Types – Consumer and Business Disputes )
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Common Types of Maine Court Records.

Maine Criminal Court Records.

Every time a person gets formally charged with a crime, this is called an indictment. As soon as formally accused of a significant criminal offense, a felony, or a misdemeanor, the defendant needs to defend his or her case. The case will get prosecuted by the United States Of America Attorney’s Office. Criminal history records might consist of driving intoxicated, thievery, burglary, assault, menacing, domestic assault, pestering, contempt of court, and various other unique outlawed activities.

Maine Civil Court Records.

When someone is taking part in an organization or personal issue, such type of case is dealt with by civil courts. Civil filings help address differences in which one party is allegedly harmed by another. Frequent examples of public complications feature issues related to non support of children, custodianship difficulties, separation filings, home damages, personal injury, agreement transgression, and other connected scenarios governed by the civil court structure.

Maine Bankruptcy Court Records.

The bankruptcy process is laid out at the federal government level. There are several sorts of bankruptcy for individuals and organizations, but all types of bankruptcy cases share the same purpose: calling off the debt collectors and presenting a means out in instances of tremendous and unsolvable monetary obligation.

Bankruptcy cases in Maine are heard by federal judges in a federal court facility. Bankruptcy court centers are exceptionally particular. They account for one department of the district court system.

Maine Small Claims Court Records.

Maine small claims court is another type of specific courthouse that focuses particularly on hearing and resolving cases that entail disagreements over small fiscal amounts. Typically, the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) is going to defend/represent themselves rather than hiring an attorney for this on their behalf. Different from other court systems, small claims court has a more relaxed procedure for presenting proof, arguments and judgment administration. However, a judgment given in a small claims court is just as legal and binding as a judgment handed down by any other court. As soon as the judgment is given, the affected individuals are expected to promptly comply. In the case of noncompliance, officially sanctioned collection practices (i.e. liens, paycheck garnishing) can be implemented.

Maine Family Court Records.

A Maine family court is yet another type of specific courthouse that just works with concerns associated with families. Several frequent illustrations of family related legal matters include partners petitioning to separation and divorce, child custody proceedings and dispute hearings, household abuse, paternity and child support. Family courts can be governed by state guidelines and/or community regulation. In a number of jurisdiction, a family court is termed a domestic court.

Maine Traffic Court Records.

Traffic court in Maine facilities are typically freestanding structures that sit aside from regular courthouses. Now and again, the normal courthouse will reserve one court room for a single day of the week for hearing traffic affiliated occurrences. By and large, traffic courts deal with solely traffic law cases and concerns.

Maine Probate Court Public Records.

Maine probate court governs over situations including estate administration, wills and probate, conservatorships, and guardianships. Probate courts hold the process of forming a deceased person’s property and assets. Probate makes certain financial obligations and taxation in the estate get recompensed, combined with dispersing all of the other estate to the named receivers. If there is any claims within the will, it is the court which settles the request.

Maine Court Structure Explained.

Maine Supreme Court

There’s a State Supreme Court in every state which will assess decisions formed at a state trial and appeals courts for concurrence with the law regulations of the state plus the constitution. However, not each state defines its highest court the Supreme Court. Resolutions expressed by these courts could be appealed directly to the Supreme Court of the U.S.

Maine Appellate / Appeals Court

In case either party in a civil case, or accused of a criminal case, fails to accept the decision drawn by the trial court, they can inquire about an appeal. An appeal will mean that there is a petition for the court case to be observed by a different court. Someone who is found guilty of a Maine criminal offense has the chance to file one automatic appeal of their case, employing a legal representative provided if required.

US District Courts

The Us has 94 district courts (trial courts). This circuit of legal courts is referred to as the U.S. District Courts. These types of courts are federal trial courts which hear both civil and criminal cases. The purpose of district courts is to decide cases by identifying all the case specifics and working with present laws and regulations to establish a conclusion. All matters heard by district courts, whether civil or criminal in nature, are federal matters.

Maine Circuit Courts

As opposed to district courts, circuit courts are state trial courts. These types of courts could hear civil or criminal situations that will come up among two people or between businesses. State law as outlined in each state’s constitution controls results and rulings in circuit courts. In many Maine cases, a circuit court judgement could be appealed and will then move to the appellate court system within that state.

Maine County Courts

Maine county courts provide legal issues on a county wide extent. Many times referred to as the people’s court, County courts preside over a large amount of criminal and civil affairs. In so many cases, when folks submit a legal action in opposition to somebody else, it’s far easier and cost effective to exhibit the case in the community zone. County courts in general oversee modest incidents, while greater courts address more comprehensive scenarios, which includes sizeable civil concerns or felony incidents.

Municipal Court in Maine

Within counties or townships are municipal courts. Maine municipal courts generally deal with traffic law incidents and small criminal offenses.

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