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Florida Inmate Search

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Jail vs FDC Inmate Search in Florida

Jails and prisons don’t do the same job. Florida inmates held in jail are under the management of the county authorities. Inmates in jail are usually there waiting for court, in the middle of a transfer, or were sentenced for a short amount of time for less severe crimes. Compare that to Florida prison inmates who are under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Corrections FDC or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Inmates held in prison are there because of a more significant seriousness of their criminal offense. Which involves sentences longer than one year.

Florida Prison Inmate Records Search.

Florida prison inmate information is public record. It can be a more difficult task to obtain complete records if court records are also needed. The majority of state organizations in the USA have made these records accessible for free online. In certain areas, it might be recommended to get in touch with the court where the inmate was sentenced. There might or might not be a fee for a copy of the court/criminal record depending on the area. A Florida inmate’s current status at a specific penitentiary can be verified by using the FDC website or the Federal Bureau of Prisons site.

Florida Prison Inmate Search. (Florida Department of Corrections FDC).
Corrections Offender Network Search – http://www.dc.state.fl.us/OffenderSearch/InmateInfoMenu.aspx

Florida Jail Records Search.

To access Florida county jail records for a current or recently released inmate. Visit the county sheriff’s office website. Just about all have a search option on their website to view arrest and inmate reports. There is commonly no cost to do this unless a very detailed criminal records request is made. It may be difficult to find specifics of a particular arrest or inmate unless the general location of the arrest is known. Plus the abilities of the sheriffs’ website search options can make this harder or easier. Almost all county web pages provide details about their jail roster, wanted fugitives, and in some cases warrants for arrests.

Florida County Jail Records By Population (Populous Countries Only)

Miami-Dade County – Miami
Miami-Dade Police Department
Jail Inmate Search – https://www8.miamidade.gov/Apps/mdcr/InmateSearch/
Request Police Reports & Records – https://www8.miamidade.gov/global/service.page?Mduid_service=ser1470774597039291

Broward County – Fort Lauderdale
Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Arrest Record Search – https://www.sheriff.org/DOD/Pages/ArrestSearch.aspx
Local records checks (Broward County information only) – https://www.sheriff.org/LE/Pages/Request-a-Record.aspx

Palm Beach County – West Palm Beach
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO)
Booking jail records – https://www2.pbso.org/blotter/index.cfm
Crime map – https://www.crimemapping.com/map/fl/palmbeachcounty
Sex Offenders – http://www.icrimewatch.net/index.php?AgencyID=54558&disc=
Local records (Local Background Checks and Police Records (Criminal, Informational and Accident Reports)) – http://www.pbso.org/inside-pbso/general/central-records/

Hillsborough County – Tampa
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Arrest Search – https://webapps.hcso.tampa.fl.us/ArrestInquiry
Traffic Crash Reports – https://www.flhsmv.gov/traffic-crash-reports/
Accident Map – https://gis.hcso.tampa.fl.us/publicgis/trafficaccidents/
Crime Map – https://gis.hcso.tampa.fl.us/publicgis/crimemapping/
Search for Warrants – https://webapps.hcso.tampa.fl.us/WarrantInquiry
Fingerprinting Services – https://www.tampagov.net/police/programs/courtesy-fingerprinting

Orange County – Orlando
Sheriff and Police Records
Current Inmate Database / Who’s In Jail – https://apps.ocfl.net/bailbond/
OPD Records – https://www.orlando.gov/Public-Safety/OPD/Records

Duval County – Jacksonville
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office
Inmate Information Search – http://inmatesearch.jaxsheriff.org/
Jacksonville Sheriff Public Records Center – https://jacksonvilleso.mycusthelp.com/WEBAPP/_rs/(S(302ybmgs3smfsul5rqhp5fvq))/supporthome.aspx
Crime Mapping – https://www.crimemapping.com/map/fl/jacksonville

Pinellas County – Clearwater
Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Who’s in jail records – https://www.pcsoweb.com/whos-in-jail
Crash records – https://www.pcsoweb.com/administration/record-divisions/accident-report-downloads
Crime map – http://egis.pinellascounty.org/apps/CrimeViewer/
Fingerprinting for Employment – https://www.pcsoweb.com/fingerprinting-for-employment
Active call records – https://www.pcsoweb.com/activecallsdetails

Lee County – Fort Myers
Lee County Sheriff s Office
Arrest Search – https://www.sheriffleefl.org/how_do_i/learn_more_about/arrest_search/index.php
Warrant Search – https://www.sheriffleefl.org/how_do_i/learn_more_about/warrants/index.php

Polk County – Bartow
Polk County Sheriff
Jail Information Search – https://polksheriff.org/detention/jail-inquiry
Public Records Requests – https://polksheriff.org/public-records
Warrant Search – https://polksheriff.org/news-investigations/warrants-inquiry
Fingerprinting Services – https://polksheriff.org/programs-services/fingerprinting

Brevard County – Titusville
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office
Bookings Arrest Log – https://www.brevardsheriff.com/bookings/
Fingerprinting services – https://www.brevardsheriff.com/home/how-do-i/request/fingerprinting/
Public Records – https://www.brevardsheriff.com/home/how-do-i/request/public-records/

Volusia County – DeLand
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office
Arrest Jail Records – http://www.volusiamug.vcgov.org/search.cfm

Pasco County – Dade City
Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Records Online – https://pascosheriff.com/jail.html

Seminole County – Sanford
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Lookup inmates – https://www.seminolesheriff.org/WebBond/Inmates.aspx
Public Records – https://www.seminolesheriff.org/page.aspx?id=38

Sarasota County – Sarasota
Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office
Arrest records – https://www.sarasotasheriff.org/arrest-reports/
Warrant Search – https://www.sarasotasheriff.org/corrections/warrant_search/index.php
Public Records Center – https://sarasotasheriff.govqa.us/WEBAPP/_rs/(S(bu4ek2clyg4cgbw3jxuwjfx1))/supporthome.aspx
911 Dispatch Reporting – https://intwebs2ext.scgov.net/911/Events?strAgencyID=All

Marion County – Ocala
Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Records – http://jail.marionso.com/
Sex offenders – http://www.icrimewatch.net/index.php?AgencyID=55532
Central Records Division – http://www.marionso.com/star-records

Collier County – East Naples
Collier County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Arrest Record Search – http://www2.colliersheriff.org/arrestsearch/Default.aspx
Crime Maps – http://www2.colliersheriff.org/news/crimemap/crimemap.htm
Incident report or other record requests online – https://www.colliersheriff.org/how-do-i/get-a-ccso-report-or-a-florida-crash-report
CCSO provides fingerprint cards for adults and children – https://www.colliersheriff.org/how-do-i/get-fingerprinted

Manatee County – Bradenton
Manatee County Sheriff’s Office
Jail / Arrest Records – http://www.manateesheriff.com/Public/ArrestInquires
Public Records – http://www.manateesheriff.com/Public/PublicRecords

Lake County – Tavares
Lake County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Inmate Search – https://www.lcso.org/inmates/
Police Records Requests – https://www.lcso.org/documents/PublicRecordsRequest.pdf

Escambia County – Pensacola
Escambia County Sheriff’s Office
Inmate listings – http://inmatelookup.myescambia.com/smartwebclient/jail.aspx
Records Request Center – https://escambiacountyso.govqa.us/WEBAPP/_rs/(S(t4220ygxqhs2fdfrghi3gvdw))/SupportHome.aspx

St Lucie County – Fort Pierce
St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Arrested Inmate Listing Lookup – https://www.stluciesheriff.com/215/Inmate-Lookup
Daily Arrest Reports – https://www.stluciesheriff.com/Archive.aspx?AMID=37
Traffic Crash or Criminal Offense/Incident – https://www.stluciesheriff.com/155/Public-Records-Request

Leon County – Tallahassee
Leon County Sheriff’s Office
Daily Booking report – http://www.leoncountyso.com/departments/law-enforcement/daily-booking-report
Inmate search – http://www.leoncountyso.com/departments/detention-facility/inmate-search
Request copies of reports, inmate records, documents, or other public records – http://www.leoncountyso.com/citizen-center/records-reports-requests-(narrative-about-fees-and-services)
Warrant Search – http://www.leoncountyso.com/departments/judicial-services/warrant-search

Osceola County – Kissimmee
Osceola County Sheriff’s Office
Public records request associated with incident reports, training or personnel files – https://www.osceolasheriff.org/public-records-request/
Daily Arrest Report – https://apps.osceola.org/Apps/CorrectionsReports/Report/Daily
Jail Inmate Search – https://apps.osceola.org/Apps/CorrectionsReports/Report/Search/

Alachua County – Gainesville
Alachua County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Inmate Lookup – http://oldweb.circuit8.org/inmate.html

St. Johns County – St. Augustine
St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office
Access Inmate Search / Booked Last 24 Hours – http://www.sjso.org/sj-inmate-search
Public Records Request – https://www.sjso.org/public-records-request/
Fingerprint Info – https://www.sjso.org/community-resources/fingerprint-info/

Clay County – Green Cove Springs
Clay County Sheriff’s Office
Arrested Jail Inmate Inquiry – http://p2c.claysheriff.com/

Okaloosa County – Crestview
Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Public Records – http://www3.co.okaloosa.fl.us/ArchonixXJailPublic/Default.aspx
Records – https://www.sheriff-okaloosa.org/divisions/records/
Daily Arrest Information – https://www.sheriff-okaloosa.org/news/arrest-information/
Search Active Warrants – https://www.sheriff-okaloosa.org/warrants/

Hernando County – Brooksville
Hernando County Sheriff’s Office
Inmate Search Online – https://www.hernandosheriff.org/jail/Applications/JailSearch/
Public Arrest Inquiry – https://www.hernandosheriff.org/applications/records/default.aspx

Bay County – Panama City
Inmate Search –

Charlotte County – Punta Gorda
Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office
Arrest Search – https://www.ccso.org/forms/arrestdb.cfm
Crime Statistics – https://www.ccso.org/PublicInterest/crimestats.cfm
Reports and Requests – https://www.ccso.org/forms/default.cfm

Santa Rosa County – Milton
Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office
Jail records – http://jailview.srso.net/SmartWebClient/jail.aspx

Martin County – Stuart
Martin County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Inmate Search – http://www.sheriff.martin.fl.us/jail-inmate-search.html
Recent Bookings – http://www.sheriff.martin.fl.us/bookings.html

Citrus County – Inverness
Citrus County Sheriff’s Office
Arrest Records – https://www.sheriffcitrus.org/arrest-records-citrus-county.php
Police Records – https://www.sheriffcitrus.org/records-citrus-county.php

Indian River County – Vero Beach
Indian River County Sheriff’s Office
Detailed Arrest Records – https://ircsheriff.org/inmate-search
Warrants Lookup – https://www.ircsheriff.org/warrants-search
Public Records – https://www.ircsheriff.org/public-records
Fingerprinting for Background Checks & More – https://www.ircsheriff.org/fingerprinting

Sheriffs vs Police Departments in Florida.

What is the difference between a sheriff’s office and a police division? One of the leading variations will be the jurisdiction. They are both law enforcement institutions, so they collaborate in many cases to ensure public wellbeing. Florida police departments have jurisdiction throughout certain towns, cities and other such modest regions. The sheriff’s department has jurisdiction over bigger areas, that include an entire county or subdivision of the state, including the cities and towns within their limits. The sheriff is an elected position, and is the highest law enforcement agency in the land. They typically concentrate on implementing peace and safety in areas not effectively covered by police.

Florida Bordering States.
Alabama Inmate Search, Georgia Inmate Search.

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