Alabama Warrant Search

Alabama Warrant Search

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Alabama Warrant Search

If an individual in Alabama has a warrant on them, it indicates a judge has issued a paper allowing police officers the power to arrest the individual so that they can be brought into court. Warrants are usually put out when someone has been charged or found guilty of a criminal offense, owes penalties to the court, or is in contempt of court. Typically, court warrants are used by the police in order to place a suspected criminal in jail and then search their residence for further evidence. There are specific types of court warrants, based on the specific circumstance.

Alabama Statewide Warrant Search System.
Online Warrant Search – Not available.

Alabama Warrant Search At County Level (Top Countries)

Jefferson County – Birmingham
Birmingham Warrant Division:
Phone: 205-325-5725
Address: 801 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35203
Operational Hours: 24 hours daily

Bessemer Warrant Division:
Phone: 205-481-4201
Address: 1826 2nd Avenue North, Bessemer, AL 35020
Operational Hours: 24 hours daily

Mobile County – Mobile
Warrant Search Online –

Madison County – Huntsville
Madison County Sheriff’s Office
Non-emergency: 256.722.7181 (24 hours)
Warrants/Extraditions: 256.533.5642 (Fax)
100 Northside Square Room 206 Huntsville, AL 35801

Montgomery County – Montgomery
Jail/Warrant Web Search –

Shelby County – Columbiana
Shelby County Sheriff
Phone: 205-669-4181
P.O. Box 1095 Columbiana, AL 35051

Tuscaloosa County – Tuscaloosa
Search Warrants Online –

Baldwin County – Bay Minette
Warrants and Reports Division –

Lee County – Opelika
Lee County Sheriff’s Office
1900 Frederick Rd Opelika, AL 36801

Morgan County – Decatur
Inmate and Wanted Search –

Calhoun County – Anniston
Warrants Online Search –

Etowah County – Gadsden
Etowah County Sheriff’s Office
Warrants: 256-549-5403
827 Forrest Avenue Gadsden, Alabama 35901

Houston County – Dothan
Criminal Warrants Contact Information
Phone: 334.677.4886

Alabama Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is given by a judge or grand jury in Alabama if law enforcement has conducted an investigation deciding that there is a sensible perception, or “probable cause”, that an individual broke the law. The arrest warrant is a legal document permitting police officers to arrest and detain someone. Quite often, the individual isn’t mindful that an arrest warrant has been issued until the time of the arrest. Law enforcement officers might make an unannounced visit to a person’s property or business office to make an arrest. The subject is then transported to jail where they’re detained without having bail till they are brought to court before a judge to have an arraignment, release hearing along with other court proceedings.

Alabama Bench Warrant

A bench warrant is produced when an individual has violated the laws of court, most often if they fail to appear for a court hearing or answer a subpoena. It may also be granted for failure to pay for a fine or failing to demonstrate verification of signing up for or completing community service and other court instructed activity. An Alabama bench warrant permits the speedy arrest of an individual. Law enforcement will not generally search around for subjects of bench warrants, and definitely will bring them in if they confront them for some other reasons.

Alabama Fugitive Warrant

Fugitive Warrants, otherwise known as “Fugitive from Justice Warrants”, are particularly generated to stop people who have committed an offence in a different area. As an example, if a person has committed a crime in one state and attempted to run away to Alabama to hide, they may have a Fugitive Warrant released for their arrest. Usually, when someone is arrested with a Fugitive Warrant, they’ll be transferred to the jurisdiction where the transgression was committed for them to be taken to court and finally punished.

Alabama Search Warrant

A search warrant is a request issued by the court that allows law enforcement to execute a search of a targeted location. It can only be given on the basis of a sworn written statement by an Alabama law enforcement official, and only in accordance with the probability of criminal activity. A search warrant contains the address to be searched and any things intended to be seized, in conjunction with information regarding the individual involved, if identified. The search warrant enables law enforcement officials to search a property even if the occupant isn’t found.

How to Find Out if You Have a Warrant in Alabama

You may get in touch with a police station and inquire whether there is an arrest warrant in your name. This, of course, is a risky approach since the police will question you concerning the warrant. A significantly less direct approach is likely a much better path. You can search on the internet for a county court or sheriff’s department to see if it databases outstanding warrants. With bigger areas, you should expect these details to be more precise than in smaller sized counties. In truth, smaller sized counties might not have this kind of resource whatsoever. For federal warrants, you need to look for your district’s federal court.

Warrant for My Arrest in Alabama

If you discover that a warrant was made for your personal arrest, it is better to report to law enforcement station than to wait around to get arrested. Responding proactively enhances the prospect the court can see you as a more responsible individual. Generating a favorable impression may boost your probability of the judge setting bail and permitting you the opportunity to go back to your life. Depending upon the nature of the offense that you happen to be charged, using the services of a lawyer will probably allow you to remedy your issues faster and a lot more efficiently.

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