Premeditated Murder and Burglary Conviction For James LaPan

James LaPan convicted of Premeditated Murder and Burglary.

In July of 2016, James LaPan and Nicholas Morelos worked together. LaPan had recently gone to the HR department to complain about Nick. He told the HR director that he had ways of taking care of things if HR did not help out.

Late at night on July 17, 2016, LaPan went over to Nick’s home, placed a ladder up against the house, and climbed onto the roof next to Nick’s second-story bedroom windows. LaPan then shot through the windows, eventually crawling through a broken window and into the bedroom, where he continued to shoot at Nick. Nick was shot eight times, with one shot directly to his forehead. Nick’s fiancée found him the next morning.

During the course of the murder, LaPan bled throughout the bedroom area, leaving a trail of his DNA. There were also signs that he tried to clean up the crime scene. The bullets and bullet casings matched to a gun owned by LaPan. An empty box for that gun, along with an empty box for a silencer, was found at LaPan’s home.

This week, a jury returned guilty verdicts for First Degree Premeditated Murder, as well as Burglary. The mandatory sentence for Premeditated Murder is natural life in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for November 2, 2018. This case was prosecuted by Deputy County Attorneys Ashley Culver and Jonathan Mosher.

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