Man’s Attempt to Rob Deputy Sheriff Ends in Failure

Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested 56 year old David King of Squaw Valley. He has been booked into the Fresno County Jail on a felony charge of attempted robbery. His bail is set at $12,500.

At 8:30 am on Wednesday, October 31st, a Fresno County Sheriff’s deputy assigned to work in the courts, was walking toward his office when he was approached by a man (David King). King confronted the deputy, who was not in uniform at the time, in the area of Fresno and P Streets in downtown Fresno. King explained to the deputy he had all of his property stolen and he needed money. King then proceeded to reach into his jacket as he told the deputy he wanted all of his money. The deputy saw King begin to pull a gun out of his jacket. The deputy quickly grabbed ahold of King’s hand and maintained control of the gun. A second deputy, also off-duty and walking to work in the courthouse, saw what was happening and immediately got involved and helped to detain King.

Due to this happening in the city of Fresno’s jurisdiction, Fresno Police officers were called and they responded to arrest King. An examination of King’s weapon showed it was not a real handgun, but a BB gun that looked very similar to a Beretta handgun.

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