Leo M. Martinez, Jr Convicted of Kidnapping and Rape

Leo M. Martinez, Jr. convicted of rape and kidnapping.

Martinez met the 67-year-old victim after he befriended one of her adult daughters. The victim has both mental health and physical issues that have required her to live with and be cared for by, family members for most of her adult life.

One day, Martinez showed up at the victim’s home and said he wanted to take her out for a doughnut. The victim went along. Instead of taking her for a doughnut, he took her to an empty house owned by the church. He took her into a back room, pulled up her dress, pulled down her diaper, and told her she would feel something warm on her privates. He then had sex with the victim, even though she told him no.

She returned home and told her daughter what happened. Martinez initially told police he didn’t have sex with the victim, and wouldn’t. However, he later returned with his attorney and told them that the victim had suggested they have sex because she was having trouble sleeping.

Today, a jury convicted Martinez of Sexual Assault and Kidnapping. This case was prosecuted by Deputy County Attorney Tracy Miller.

Sentencing is scheduled for December 10, 2018.

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